Mickey Mouse in Hamilton

I ran Chris in to John C Munro International Airport in Hamilton yesterday so she could catch her WestJet flight to Halifax.  It has been some years since I have been to Hamilton’s airport but I sure don’t remember it being so small.  Maybe looking at it after Ottawa’s airport is affecting my judgment, but boy is it ever small.

There is a moderate sized parking lot in front of the one story building that makes up the main terminal.  Entry to the parking lot is through a gated lane.  Push a button, you get your parking ticket. Parking is $3.00 for 30 minutes.  We got our ticket, found a place to park, loaded Chris’s bag on a baggage cart and headed into the terminal.  Hamilton is the WestJet hub for all of Ontario.  We were therefore a bit surprised to see only one counter open.  There is a Tim Horton’s inside the terminal, a small gift shop and some car rental desks, but not much else.
Anyway, we said our goodbyes and I went to the machine pictured here to pay for my parking before going back to my car.  Here’s where  things get funny.  The machine couldn’t read my ticket, so I didn’t know how much to pay and without a paid receipt there was no way to get out of the parking lot.  The machine has a help button, so I pushed it.  That started a telephone call on speaker to some guy named Keith who was somewhere in an office in downtown Hamilton.  So here I am talking to a talking parking machine in full view of people coming and going from the terminal.  The machine still wouldn’t read my ticket but Keith managed to punch in what I owed remotely and even gave me a 50 cent discount for the inconvenience.   I thanked Keith and the call terminated.   Next, the machine wouldn’t take my credit card to pay the $5.50 I owed……so I pushed the help button a second time and spoke with Keith again.  He suggested cash may work as the machine was obviously malfunctioning.  Our call ended and I paid with cash.  The machine gave me the correct change but did not spit out a receipt for me to use at the parking lot exit.  Third phone call to Keith.  He couldn’t get the machine to spit out a receipt for me either, but asked me to call him again from the parking lot exit and promised he would lift the gate to let me out.  Sarcastically, I asked Keith if he had ever been to Disney World.  He said he hadn’t.  I said, that’s too bad because your parking lot is really pretty Mickey Mouse.  He got a good chuckle out of that.  A fourth and final call to Keith from the parking lot exit, the gate raised and I was gone!  So there you go, Mickey Mouse airport with a Mickey Mouse parking machine. 
I met my daughter in Hamilton and we enjoyed a nice lunch together at Boston Pizza.  That was followed by a tour around her place of employment and then a leisurely drive back to Sherkston…..in the rain.

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