New Roof

Wednesday morning we got a call to run Phaeton Place into Bay 18 for our roof replacement.  The two techs swiveled my driver’s mirror out of the way so that I could drive in and stay as close to a huge scaffold on the driver side of the coach as possible.  Once inside, they rolled up another scaffold against the passenger side.  It took most of the day for them to strip everything off the roof.  We will get brand new fantastic vent fans and a new shower stall dome because it is too much trouble to clean off all the sealer adhesive from the old ones.  They paid very close attention to removing our Datastorm satellite and marked the position of everything so it would be easy to replace in the correct position.  Sure hope that goes back in place without too much trouble.
New Roof
We sat in the lounge most of the day.  I wandered back regularly to check on progress and things seemed to be moving right along,  Chris kept her foot elevated on a foot stool in the lounge.  Her foot is still quite swollen from what we think is a spider bite. We couldn’t stay in our motorhome last night so Tiffin put us up at the Best Western in Russellville, about 30 miles away.  We had to settle for supper at the Pizza Hut in Russellville because there wasn’t much else there except for fast food restaurants.
We headed back to Red Bay this morning and got there just as they put the new roof on. They worked on it all day but could not get everything reinstalled in time for us to stay in our motorhome tonight, so we are back at the Best Western for one more night.  We grabbed a few more clothes before leaving for the hotel again and noticed how dirty things are in PP from all the work going on.  I’m sure Tiffin will clean all that up when they have finished the roof.  Once the new roof is all done, they will still have to repaint the roof rails.  We still have the diamond shield to replace and are still thinking of having the paint shop buff the sides to remove the paint swirls in the gel coat.  Apparently, that is not the way the gel coat is supposed to look.  We see many other motorhomes here and all have the nice shiny paint without swirls.  Thinking we will be here for another week for sure. 


  1. Dennis and Donna October 29, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    PP is gonna be all spiffed up and ready to roll when they are done..Don't you hate staying in a hotel now?? And when I think of all the "hotel staying" we did in previous years before the Hiker…Clean bed, clean bathroom…that's what we LOVE about RVing!! Best of luck with the "overhaul"…

  2. Liquid Rubber October 29, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    your new roof is looking so good well installed by these guys nice work. In a few days i am also replacing my roof as well.