Niagara River Wildlife

Nights are getting cooler here at Sherkston Shores.  Daytime temps are still in the mid teens celsius but the temp is dropping to 3-4 degrees Celsius at night.  My morning walks and runs along the beach are very enjoyable because the sun is usually out so I am still able to wear shorts.  
 Double Crested Cormorant
Double Crested Cormorant
I considered going for a bike ride into Fort Erie this afternoon but some chores around Phaeton Place needed my attention first.  I sanitized our fresh water tank with a bleach solution yesterday afternoon and then flushed out the tank several times this morning.  Our Phaeton doesn’t have the same type of external gravity water feed that was on our Bounder Diesel so the only way to get bleach into the fresh water tank is to mix up a solution and then suck it into the tank through the water pump.  Tiffin provides a short piece of hose for that purpose.  One end goes on the water pump and the other end goes into the bucket with the bleach solution.  Turn on the pump and slowly move the lever from ‘City Water’ towards ‘Tank Fill’  and the pump draws everything into the tank.  Pretty cool really.  The same process can be used for winterizing the plumbing when needed or for filling the fresh water tank from a  portable bladder when boondocking (I saw Greg do that in Chicken, Alaska last summer).
Belted Kingfisher
This morning I went online and purchased our health insurance through Medipac.  This is the third year we have used Medipac and I found the online application very easy to complete.  Their premiums are very reasonable.  It took about 15 minutes and they emailed me our coverage cards, etc afterward, so we are good to go.
The sun was still shining this afternoon so I drove into Fort Erie with my camera looking for birds along the Niagara river. I used my 70-200 lens with my 1.4 extender to grab these two shots of a cormorant and kingfisher.  The light was better for the cormorant than the kingfisher.


  1. Dennis and Donna October 15, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    Love your bird photos….The Kingfisher is really neat!!

  2. E Squared and Mui October 14, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    "Out on a limb" … really like the composition and colors on the Kingfisher.