Sherkston Shores RV Resort

We left Tandet Kenworth in Kingston at 9 am yesterday and headed for Flying J in Napanee.  We needed fuel and propane but they weren’t dispensing propane unfortunately.  According to the cashier, the propane station is fine, the problem is that in Canada at least, the required licensing to legally dispense propane was not properly completed when Pilot took over Flying J, ergo they haven’t been able to dispense propane for at least two months.  Not sure if that applies to all Flying Js in Canada or just to the Napanee station.
Anyway, we fueled up and continued west on Hwy 401 and north to Kawartha Lakes where Armand installed a new coax cable on our cell phone booster.  It will now finally work as it should after almost 10 months.  We were on our way out of TechMCW by 3:30 pm and joined the traffic on Hwy 401 through Toronto.  Given weather and traffic, we weren’t sure if we should continue on to Sherkston Shores and arrive a day ahead of our reservation or not.  We pulled into the Flying J in Mississauga around 5 pm with the thought of spending the night there instead of driving at night and in the rain, but the station is a dump with very little parking and no RV facilities or restaurant.  In fact it is a Shell station with the Flying J name stuck on the same pole and that is about all.  Certainly the worst Flying J we have encountered thus far.
We called Sherkston Shores and they said there would be no problem for us to check in after dark if we wanted to.  Silly me, I had forgotten to download a list of Ontario Walmarts permitting overnight parking, so the only recourse was to continue on to Sherkston Shores.  It rained heavily all the way in to the resort which is located on the shores of Lake Erie not far from Fort Erie.  We arrived just before 8 pm.  The security guard gave us a map and pointed out our site.  We unhooked the car and I followed Chris in to the resort.  Because of the dark, pouring rain, lack of street signage and very poorly lit roads, we missed a crucial turn leading into the RV area of the resort.  I called security and they came out to guide us in.  Well, they got us close to our site, but we would have had to come in against a Do Not Enter sign, meaning the sites were angled the wrong way for us to back in.  The security guard told me to just drive around the loop and come in facing the right way, and then left.  Well, picture this…..42 ft of motorhome, no street lights, pitch black, driving rain.  It was impossible to see where the roads went and where the sites were.  I found the first site I could, we plugged in and stayed put for the night.  Sooner that than risk damage to Phaeton Place or drive over sewer or electric plug ins along the way.
We checked in properly this morning and I explained the situation from last night.  I also suggested that their security people be better instructed on how to escort motorhomes directly to a site whenever weather, visibility or lighting made it difficult….either that or let coaches arriving after dark to boondock outside the main gate.  Better that than have property or motorhomes damaged because people can’t see where they are going.  The manager promised to bring my suggestions to the security supervisor and went so far as to not charge us for last night (my suggestion). 
We got into our designated site around noon today, still in the rain.  Things cleared off somewhat this afternoon and we managed a nice walk around the resort.  This is very much like some of the larger resorts we have been to in the USA, consisting of vacation homes and RV resort.  In fact, Sherkston Shores is affiliated with Tropical Palms in Orlando and Sun N Fun in Sarasota, Florida.  There isn’t much going on here at the moment, pools, restaurants and some on site facilities are already closed for the season.  There are still quite a few RVs here and I expect Thanksgiving weekend will be busy though.  Chris is heading for Nova Scotia tomorrow morning, so we had our Thanksgiving dinner in the motorhome today.  Excellent is all I can say!
One maintenance issue of note surfaced when we hooked up in Kingston yesterday morning.  Our SMI brake in the Vue has no power for some reason.  First time that has ever happened.  I’ve searched all over the place for a blown fuse but to no avail.  We have the SMI Stay and Play brake system.  If any of you have any ideas on what may be wrong, please leave a comment.  


  1. Dennis and Donna October 4, 2010 at 1:25 am #

    unfortunately….it's like a traveling home….stuff happens…just like your house….Keep a smile on your face.,…

  2. Dennis and Donna October 4, 2010 at 1:24 am #

    unfortunately….it's like a traveling home….stuff happens…just like your house….Keep a smile on your face.,…