Bubble Test

Sunday was a restful day at Camp Red Bay.  We enjoyed a nice walk around the country club in the morning and then relaxed for the rest of the day.  I tested out our new transfer switch by shutting off the shore power at the pole and starting the generator.  The green inverter light is supposed to go out after a minute or so showing that the generator is supplying power to the motorhome.  Well, guess what, it didn’t go out…..so we are back where we were on the way down here. 

Monday morning it was over to the paint shop in Belmont for the bubble test.  The bubble test puts positive pressure inside the motorhome using the machine seen here.  The tech then went up on the roof and applied a pressurized soap spray to all the caulking seams.  Anything that bubbled up meant a leak which he recaulked.  Pretty neat really.  It took about an hour and he even found the leak on our DS bedroom slide we have noticed when it rains. 
After the bubble test, it was back to the Service Center to find out what is going on with the new transfer switch.  Our tech checked our house batteries and found one of them had a broken post.  They exchanged it for another Interstate battery and also cleaned all corrosion off the batteries.  Our house batteries have measured at around 12.3V instead of the usual 13.6V ever since the transfer switch started acting up on the way here.   I was disappointed to still see the inverter light on even after replacing the one battery.  Shore power turns the inverter light off, but not while on generator.  Turns out one of the contacts in the new transfer switch is only pulling 5V, so looks like we are back into Bay 5 for yet another new transfer switch on Tuesday morning.
Hoping tomorrow will also see our Diamond Shield replaced and a trip into the paint shop for the new roof.  The paint shop supervisor told me today that they are pretty backed up right now, so we really have no idea when we’ll be out of here.  I asked him if we should plan on celebrating Thanksgiving here in Red Bay….don’t think that joke went over well…but he got the message, loud and clear.

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  1. Sharon Del Rosario November 2, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

    Sorry to read about the problems you're experiencing in Red Bay, especially with the transfer switch. But at least you're getting things done at the plant.