Buff Day Tomorrow!

Phaeton Place went in to Red Bay Auto Body on Tuesday morning to have the roof rails painted black to match the rest of the trim.  The first step was to mask off the rails and to cover all the roof accessories with plastic sheeting.  After that it was buff and clean the rails in preparation for painting.  That took most of Tuesday and ultimately meant we got to overnight in their paint bay last night.  We managed to borrow a couple of DVD movies from friends and spent a quiet evening watching Avatar.  Great movie by the way and neither of us had seen it before so that made it even better.  I grabbed this shot of PP in the paint bay at 7 am this morning.  Wednesday was another full day in the paint shop while they finished repairing some flaws in the paint on the rear cap.  
We get to spend the night in PP back at Camp Red Bay tonight.  Our main awning goes back on first thing in the morning and then it is back to Red Bay Auto Body where they will buff up the rest of the coach to remove some roofing adhesive smears and scratches, etc on the side walls done when the new roof went on.  Pretty minor really but if the marks weren’t there when we arrived, they shouldn’t be there when we leave.
Still aiming for a Friday morning departure. 

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  1. Dennis and Donna November 11, 2010 at 2:54 am #

    Yea!!! Lookds like you are finally on your way!..The Phaeton is going to look reeeeeal pretty…Be safe!