Coleman RV Park, Brownfield, TX

A beautiful sunny day as we motored along in Phaeton Place from TT Lake Whitney to Coleman RV Park in Brownfield, TX.  We hit the road at 8:30 am following Hwy 22 around the south side of Lake Whitney and  across Lake Whitney dam.  Then onto Hwy 6 through Dublin and De Leon to I-20W.  I had to unhook our Vue near Dublin because our right front tire was low on air again according to our PressurePro monitor.  Our  air jack line isn’t long enough to stretch all the way to the back of our coach.  I’m still not sure if the tire has a slow leak or if the Pressure Pro sensor may be faulty and allowing a slow leak from the valve stem.  I switched around two valve stems before hooking back up and will check all our tires in the morning to see if any have lost air.  
We stopped in Abilene… Abilene for lunch ….. saw a few pretty girls…..(just like the song)….and continued on our way west to US 84 where we turned north at Sweetwater.  Once we reached Post we turned west again on Hwy 380 all the way to Brownfield.  We drove through quite a bit of ranchland south of I-20 and then it turned to cotton fields almost all the way into Brownfield.  Lots of huge cotton bales sitting in the field, all numbered and waiting removal.
We’ll spend the night at Coleman RV Park in Brownfield.  This is a free community park with about a dozen RV sites with electric and water.  Great for a one night stop.  This stop was recommended to us by our friends Jim and Jane. 


  1. Brits On Tour November 20, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    Not bad for a freebie eh?. If I remember correctly, there is even free wi fi from one of the local buisnesses. Stay safe…miss you both loads.

  2. Sue and Doug November 17, 2010 at 1:26 am #

    nice job on the map!!..they are a great addition to a least we can see where you are at!!