Happy Thanksgiving

Another beautiful sunny day here in the desert.  We started off our morning with a pickleball ladder where players chipped in 50 cents each to play.  Proceeds help out with improvements to the pickleball courts, equipment, etc.  I got matched up with Dennis, Oland and Bob.  We played 3 games over the course of the morning, switching partners each time.  We had some pretty good games on the competitive side of the ladder.  Chris got matched up with Barb, Julie and Lynn and also had some really fun games.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and our neighbors are doing things up in style here at TT Palm Springs.  It was hard to focus on pickleball with the aroma of roasting turkey filling the park.  We are getting together with Barb & Dennis, Oland & Merilee and Bob & Julie for our Thanksgiving feast this afternoon.

Chris & I are very grateful for the wonderful friends we have made while traveling around both Canada and the USA in Phaeton Place and to the friends we have made (many we have never even met) who follow our travels on our blog.  RVing lets us celebrate two Thanksgivings.  We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving with family in October and now are very happy to be here to celebrate with our American friends.  Two turkey dinners with all the trimmings in two months and another turkey dinner on the way in one month’s time.  Life is great!


  1. Rich and Donna November 26, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. two of our very favorite Canadians!!! Hope you enjoyed your turkey……It's always great to share the day with your family of friends. Love you both.

  2. Sue and Doug November 26, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    happy thanksgiving to you too..nothing wrong with two turkey dinners!!..one on either side of the border!!