Portable Propane Firepits

The main difference between Florida and the California desert, weather wise at least, is the much cooler evenings in the desert.  The sun starts to get lower in the afternoon sky around 3 pm most days and the temps drop very quickly, usually from 70F to the 40F range within a few hours.  We spent many evenings outside in Florida but we just don’t see many people outside after dark here in the desert.  Oland bought this portable propane fire pit from a vendor in our campground the other day and we just had to give it a try the other night.  The eight of us huddled around the fire pit for a couple of hours.  The ambiance was great but I’m not sure how much heat the unit actually puts off.  Chris and I are looking for a unit but have decided to check out other available models as well.  Of course in an RV, storage space is always a consideration.  This unit stores into a nice small case that could easily fit in one of storage bays.  We may hang off buying anything until we go to the RV show in Quartzsite in January.  I’m not sure of the brand name on this model but it sells for $135. 

Another one that seems very popular is Campfire In A Can.  A little more expensive at $240 but  it comes with a grill and adjustable flame that puts out 64000 BTU on high.  The other nice thing is that the propane hose and regulator all store inside the can which has a fold down handle, making for easy storage. 
I found this demo video on You Tube.

Time for a bit more research before we buy.  Please drop me a line in the comment area if you have one of these firepits.


  1. Anonymous December 1, 2010 at 11:39 pm #

    Hi Mark,
    I commented awhile back, Kelly from Whistler. Were on the 4th of these firepits! First one we bought years ago at OConnor RV in Chilliwack it was a Yukon, quite big and I don't recall it giving more warmth than the one we currently have, the same as your friend. All the 3 previous ones ended up being sold to friends who wanted them (usually after a few drinks around the campfire). As we have an older Class A this works fine due to space, the Yukon is bigger and the other two I barely remember as we probably didn't have them for long! We use ours all the time and enjoy it. The Yukon is Canadian made but another friend from the states had one shipped to him. Safe travels. Kelly

  2. Dennis and Donna November 29, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    Now that's one thing we have noticed and MISSED in the desert..no firepits in the campground..boy we sure do miss them….Good for you..you beat the system…