TT Lake Whitney

We had an enjoyable stay at Cracker Barrel in West Monroe, LA.  Our experience thus far with Cracker Barrel restaurants that offer bus/RV parking is that they have no problem with us overnighting.  We usually have supper and then ask if we can spend the night as we are paying the bill.  So far….so good.  We find it much quieter than Walmart.
Nature Trail

We were on our way west on I-20 before 8 am and enjoyed sunny weather and blue skies well into Texas.  We arrived at TT Lake Whitney around 3 pm and after scouting out the campground in our Vue, we settled on site B-5.  We are only here for two nights before heading on to Brownfield, TX.  This park reminds us a lot of TT Medina Lake.  Both are huge parks with nature trails and plenty of amenities.  Of course being winter, most of the amenities are closed for the season.  We managed a great hike along the nature trails this morning and also a little one on one pickleball this afternoon.  Nobody else playing unfortunately.  Guess we’ll have to wait until we get to TT Palm Springs for that.  Chris was bitten on her foot by a brown recluse spider while we were in Red Bay.  Since suffering the bite she has been unable to wear socks or shoes, only her Crocs….until today.  Her first time back in runners.  I’m kinda thinking the spider bite may have affected her pickleball too. :))  Think I’m going to pay for that one!
One unfortunate event after our arrival.  My 2 year old Toshiba laptop has given up the ghost.  I smelt and saw a thin wisp of smoke rising from the base console before it shut down last night. I unplugged it and pulled the battery from the bottom of the console.  Inside the battery compartment are two very small melted areas which may have fried the motherboard.  Looks like I’ll be shopping for a new laptop soon.  I need quite a powerful Windows based laptop so I can run Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.  Please leave a comment if you  have any suggestions for possible laptops to check out.