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I spent a little time experimenting on facebook yesterday trying to figure out how to put up our Phaeton Place blog as a fan page.  It took a little work but I think I managed to figure it out.  What I was trying to do is to have one place where readers can post a note on facebook, read our blog and check out my Smugmug galleries without having to go to different sites.   The whole  process seems a little clunky to me but we’ll see how well it works in the coming weeks.  Clicking on the title of this post will take you to our facebook fan page.

Our friends, Bob and Julie left TT Palm Springs on Monday and headed up the road to Catalina Spa RV Resort to join Oland & Merilee.  Dennis & Barb leave for Desert Pools in the morning for a couple of weeks and we leave for TT Wilderness Lakes near Hemet on Sunday.  We plan to spend Sunday night at the Spartan Chassis dealer in Colton which is about an hour west on I-10.  We have an appointment to get  a tag axle seal repaired first thing on Monday morning and thought there would be less traffic if we headed up on Sunday afternoon than on Monday morning.  This is the same seal that leaked on our return from Alaska last year.  Spartan Chassis has promised to look at it under warranty again this time.  I may get our generator serviced while in the shop too.   

Chris & I played pickleball here at TT Palm Springs on Monday with the same old, play for 10 minutes, sit for 30 minutes routine.  We played with Ken & Faye for our first game and our strategy was to maximize court time.  The final score was 11-9.  Today we joined Brian & Judy at the Cahuila Park public pickleball courts. Ken & Faye came up a little later. Not quite as many people as there were last Friday, about 20 people, but that meant we only sat for a few minutes to catch our breath and grab a drink of water, as there was always a court open. Temps reached 80F yesterday which is a nice change from the cooler temps we have been seeing in this desert area for the past week or more.

Chris has been looking for a good hair salon since we arrived here.  The other day we spotted Pure Hair Studio in a small mall off Country Club Drive on the other side of I-10.  We popped in on a whim on our way back from pickleball today and they took her in right away.  It is always a bit of a leap of faith going to a new hair salon but Chris was very pleased with the results.  Rest day tomorrow…..well maybe a little Christmas shopping……oh joy!


  1. Brits On Tour December 8, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    SHOPPING wait for me !!!!!!!

  2. Dennis and Donna December 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    Speaking as a retired hairdresser I can understand your trepidations about new haircuts…I have been known to get roped into doing some haircuts "on the road" in campgrounds…You should see me cutting my own hair here in the Hiker… using the bathroom mirror and a hand held mirror I hang from the bathroom door to see the back of my head…pretty entertaining….

  3. Malone December 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    Gee, this is fun. We are staying at both Desert Pools and Catalina Spa when we travel south a week from tomorrow! It will be our first time staying in that vicinity, so we are looking forward to what we find there. We will save the desert boondocking for our longer trip in February!

  4. BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY* December 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    joy oh joy..heading to the malls this time of year!..have you tried on line shopping..much easier!…
    hair cuts are my concern once we are out on the road..I guess it will just be a hit and miss! Doug just shaves his head..so he isnt going to have issues..but me ???..have a great day..hope you get more time in on 'pickleball'..sounds like great fun!..nice fan page by the way..going to check it out!!