Last Day at TT Palm Springs

Ken & Chris
Sunday is our last day at TT Palm Springs.  We are heading to  TT Wilderness Lakes near Hemet for a week but will be back in here on Dec 20th.  We aren’t due out of here until tomorrow morning but thought it best to head up I-10 to Colton later today instead of joining rush hour traffic in to LA in the morning.  We played pickleball this morning.  I managed to grab a couple of shots of Chris, Ken and Faye in action, although I think Faye may have been posing for the camera instead of playing pickleball.  Good job Faye!!
We finished playing before noon and after a quick shower began packing up.  We were all done and ready to hit the road around 2 pm.  We are on our way to Colton Truck Terminal, a Spartan Chassis service center on I-10 at I-215, to have our tag axle seal repaired again.  There appears to be a slight oil leak but nothing major.  I also noticed some coolant leakage on the engine cowling.  Again nothing serious, just enough to raise a concern, so we’ll get that checked out as well.  Our generator service is also on the schedule.  Made it to Colton and were all tucked in behind their garage for the night by 4 pm.  Think we’ll do KFC for supper.  Maybe they still have the Double Down on the menu…..two chicken breasts with cheese and bacon sandwiched between them.