Putzing in Wilderness Lakes

Pretty dull day here today.  The sun poked its head out once in awhile but only for a couple of minutes.  Temps in the 60sF and mostly cloudy skies all day. Chris took a day off pickleball and worked on her quilt.  I walked over and played a few games this morning.  There were only five of us so certainly little time for sitting between games….just the way I like it.  Rain threatened most of the day but never materialized.
After pickleball I emptied our black tank.  For some reason the back flush for the black tank is no longer working.  I checked the Tiffin RV Network forum for possible causes.  Apparently the water holes on  the back flush wand inside the black tank are prone to clogging.  Bigger holes can be drilled in the wand.  Another possible cause is a faulty back flush check valve.  I’m thinking the latter is the more probable cause because there is no water at all getting into the black tank while back flushing.  I just can’t see all the water holes on the wand clogging up at the same time.  Problem is though, that no one on the forum knows exactly where the back flush valve is located.  Apparently the location changes from model to model.  Look like I may have to call Tiffin tomorrow for some expert advice.  
I’ve seen quite a few hawks,  at least one great blue heron and also a kingfisher flying around the preserve.  Another photowalk this afternoon, this time with my 100-400mm lens on my Canon 1D Mk IV.  I haven’t used this lens in quite some time but it gives me just a little more reach than my 70-200, even with the 1.4X converter.  No luck at all on anything except the usual bird suspects.  I think these turned out well though.  I love reflections so my favorite is the mallard below.
Homemade pizza for supper tonight with dough made in our bread machine.  Smells great in the oven.  Later….