TT Wilderness Lakes

We spent a noisy night in Phaeton Place tucked in behind Colton Truck Terminal.  The traffic noise from I-10 which was on the opposite side of the garage was not too bad.  We did however not appreciate the booming  music coming from a car that stopped in to visit a friend at a house across the alley from us at 2:30 am!  Pretty sure the volume couldn’t have been turned up any louder. 
Coolant Sensor
We were in for our appointment promptly at 8 am.  Louis, our mechanic, did a great job looking after our concerns.  It turned out that the tag axle seal leak was caused by an incorrectly aligned drain plug on the fluid reservoir.  Not sure why it started to leak now, over a year after the repair we had done in Surrey, BC, but it did.  Louis tightened up the drain plug and it realigned itself right away. 
Resealed Coolant Sensor
We had noted a very small coolant link when we left Palm Springs.  A little splashing on the engine cover, nothing too serious and it never got any worse on our way into Colton.  Louis’s problem was getting at the sensor, seen in the above photos.  The sensor is on the top of the radiator housing and has to be accessed via a removable panel in the floor of our closet.  The floor of our closet is carpeted and let me tell you, it was not easy finding the six screws holding the cover down.  Louis worked on the generator service while I struggled to find all 6 screws.  It took about 30 minutes, but I finally managed to get the cover off, and there was the sensor with a small leak plainly evident.  Louis unplugged the sensor and found it was loose.  He removed, cleaned and reinstalled the sensor properly and no more leak.  His last step was to use a hot water sprayer to clean the radiator and the tag axle wheel.  No more leaks anywhere and we were soon our way.  Spartan picked up all costs under warranty except for the generator service which was fine with us.
We were soon on our way south on I-215 and pulled into TT Wilderness Lakes just after noon.  We are in site 169 until Dec 20th. One more little tidbit for you all.  We’ve noticed quite an odor from the cattle yard next door to this preserve.  It was so bad we actually had to close the door and windows last night.  Well around 10 pm our propane/CO sensor alarm goes off showing a possible propane leak.  I shut off our propane immediately but the alarm continued.  Hmmm….. Then we noticed we still had our front roof vent open and we could still smell the cattle yard next door.  I closed the vent and the alarm eventually reset itself.  I can only surmise that the propane sensor alarm is also sensitive to the methane from the cattle yard.  Go figure!  Oh yeah, propane is back on this morning and no alarm, so………………
Off to play pickleball. 

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  1. Chuck and Anneke's RV travels December 15, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    Those are the annoying kind of things that can make you crazy. Glad they could fix them.