Quartzsite RV Show

Last January we spent 4 days camping with the TRVN (Tiffin) group in Quartzsite, AZ and had a blast.  This year we had plans to return again as the group was to be about 50 coaches all camping near La Posa, but I just couldn’t pack up the motorhome again and head for Quartzsite unfortunately.  We arrived back at TT Palm Springs last Monday and frankly I was tired of moving, even though we have been here for a week already.  It was not an easy decision.  We did decide to take a drive over in the Vue on Monday though with Dennis and Barb. A little over 2 hours each way.  The main tent was hopping as usual with every possible type of RV accessory for sale that you could imagine. We even ran into our Tiffin friends, Tim & Peggy, who we met in Red Bay back in November.  Bob & Julie were also there, driving down from Emerald Cove in Parker. I grabbed a few shots of the layout with our point and shoot.  

As you can see….lots of people and lots of treats.  We treated ourselves to a funnel cake each while wandering around the flea market across the highway from the main RV show.  Our last stop was at the Pilot station for a less than $3.00/gallon fill up for the Vue.  The girls went and checked out the Dairy Queen inside the Pilot station and brought back treats for everyone.  Of course I had to eat my peanut buster parfait before heading back to Palm Springs.  Pretty hard eating a sundae while driving.

Chris found an excellent deal on a Vita-Mix juicer, blender package while I picked up some cleaning and washing supplies for Phaeton Place.  Can’t stand those water spots……..

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  1. Dennis and Donna January 27, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    Wow…those pics reminded me of our Sandwich Fair…crowds and food stands!! and yes, the famous funnel cakes! All you need is a few cows and sheep to make it a fair!!