Cardstar – A Great iPhone App

I was reading Terry White’s tech blog the other day and happened upon what I think is a great iphone app.  According to the Cardstar website:
“CardStar eliminates wallet overload by consolidating your membership and rewards cards on your smartphone —  letting you access scannable cards, deals and retailer information within a single app.” 
Shop smart with CardStar — storing all of your rewards cards in a single app so you’ll never forget them again, and getting real-time access to coupons, deals and exclusive offers from your favorite retailers. Just enter your membership number and CardStar creates a digital card for you, with the highest rate of scanning success. CardStar saves you the time and trouble of scouring your wallet to find a single card among many — by consolidating all of your cards in CardStar’s mobile app, they’re never more than a tap of the finger away.

Say goodbye to coupon searching and clipping — get savings when you need them, not just when you remember them, with CardStar’s real-time deals and coupons. Only CardStar enables everyone to consolidate their reward and membership cards, with a mobile app for smartphone users and a physical CardStar card for everyone else.  For those of you without a smartphone or who prefer a more traditional method, use the CardStar Card to consolidate all of your cards into one.
We tried the app at Sam’s Club today and it worked flawlessly.  Scanning my card took a few seconds and the cashier’s bar code scanner had no problem reading the bar code from my iphone’s screen.  Oh yeah, now for the best part….. it’s a free app!  Anyone else  have some favorite apps they want to share?

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  1. Eldy and Jeannie February 13, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    Allstays Camp and RV, Dragon Dictation–it writes whatever you say! then you can email it or Twitter, or whatever! Also Allstays Rest Stops Plus, and we like State Parks…there are lots more out there, that's for sure!