Pickleball Tourney

Generally neither of us play in pickleball tournaments but Catalina had a three day tournament on last weekend, so if we wanted to play at all we didn’t really have a choice.  Chris & I played together in Mixed 55-59 and Mixed 4.0.  I partnered with Dennis in Mens 55-59 and Mens 4.0 and Chris partnered with Barb in Ladies 55-59 and Ladies 3.0.  It was three long days of pickleball in very hot and very windy weather.  Sunday the winds at least died down to make for a more enjoyable day.  We arrived at 8 am and never got home until after 8:30 pm each day.  All of us were bushed after that pickleball marathon.  Only two medals I afraid.  Dennis and I took silver in Mens 55-59 and it took 6 games for us on Sunday to get a bronze medal. Chris & Barb played well and had a lot of fun but weren’t able to medal. Our friends Judy, Oland, Stephanie and Cis also medalled.

Sunday was also a day of surprises.  Chris and I were getting ready to start our Mixed 4.0 games when a woman from Outdoor Resorts suffered heat stroke.  Chris put her RN training to work and treated her until the paramedics and ambulance arrived and whisked her off to hospital.  From all reports, the lady is doing fine.  We got back to PP late Sunday night and literally fell into bed.   
Monday morning we were up early and packing up for our return to TT Palm Springs.  We got back at 10 am and found a nice 50 amp site.  No pickleball for me for a few days though.  Rick & Linda have a season ending tourney set to go on Thursday so we’ll likely take part in that.  Happy Hour planned for Friday on the courts too.

It has been very hot here in Palm Springs since we arrived.  Two 90+F days.  We haven’t used our air conditioners since we had our roof replaced in Red Bay in November.  Tuesday we noticed water dripping from one of the return air vents about an hour after we turned on the front a/c unit.  Our repair guy came by and checked everything out.  He even blew out the drain hose for all three units.  Pumps and condensers are all great.  Today we still had water dripping from the ceiling while the a/c was running.  Got a call into Don Boyd at Tiffin to see where we go from here.

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  1. Jeannie March 18, 2011 at 3:16 am #

    sorry to hear of the AC trouble…could it be something as simple as caulking cracks or shrinkage or expansion of the seals during temp changes? We're looking forward to our first pickleball lesson on Friday. It's HUGE here in Palm Creek, Casa Grande, AZ