Birch Bay Sunset

Birch Bay Sunset
Birch Bay Sunset
Today’s weather forecast was wet but the sun shone instead and we enjoyed seeing a blue sky. We spent the day putzing around Phaeton Place. Our friends Chuck & Lorraine are staying nearby and popped in for a nice visit before lunch. We last saw them in Palm Springs and it was good to catch up on happenings in their lives. Lorraine recommended The Market in Birch Bay as a good place for groceries so we popped down for a few little things after they left. I almost broke out the power sprayer to wash the road grime from Phaeton Place but thought better of it. Besides it’ll get dirty again heading into Cultus Lake so why not leave the wash job until we get there.

Things are pretty quiet in Birch Bay. We drove along the waterfront but there wasn’t much going on. Most businesses were still closed for the winter but some were sprucing up the outsides so looks like businesses will start opening soon. After supper, I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed down to the waterfront, hoping for a nice sunset to photograph. It wasn’t as good as it could have been but I’ll let our readers decide whether it was worthwhile seeing.
Still no UPS parcel today but tracking says it’ll be here tomorrow for sure.


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    Gorgeous sunset shot.