Thousand Trails South Jetty

We hit the road about 10 am yesterday from Chinook RV Resort in Klamath.  We even managed to fill up with propane for $2.99/gallon before leaving.  We saw places in Klamath selling propane more cheaply but getting into those places could have been problematic with our big rig so a few extra cents and an easy fill at the campground  made more sense (or less cents, depending on your sense of humor).  Traffic was relatively light on Hwy 101.  We stopped for diesel at the Chevron in Port Orford and filled up at $4.099/gallon.  Definitely cheaper fuel prices in Oregon than California.  We  also planned a stop at the Super Walmart in Coos Bay, OR but traffic was pretty heavy and it looked like quite a hill leading off Hwy 101 to get there so we decided to pass on Walmart.
We pulled into South Jetty around 3 pm and were warmly greeted by Ranger Michelle.  This is our first stay here and she gave us a choice of a site with good satellite reception or one with sewer.  We are only here for two days and arrived with empty holding tanks so we opted for the satellite site.  While disconnecting our toad we ran into Bent & Sharon our new Canadian friends that we met in Russian River who by coincidence are also in the site next to us.  We will also be together in Seaside, OR after we leave here.
We all went to Three Rivers Casino for the buffet supper last night and a $10 free play on the casino’s money.  The supper and company were great but I can honestly say that slots just don’t do it for me at all.  We had a great time though and noticed quite a few RVs parked at the casino.
We awoke several times over night to the sound of rain on the roof of Phaeton Place.  The rain continued on and off through the day today but we still all went for a drive north of Florence to visit the sea lion caves located right on Hwy 101.  They have a great gift shop and plenty of parking for cars and RVs.  Entry was $12.00 each and included an elevator ride down to the huge cave where hundreds of sea lions were basking on the rocks as the sea pounded in.
The lighthouse above is located on a spit of land north of the cave.  This photo was taken from the north observation deck inside the cave.  The lighting was pretty flat because of all the low clouds and rain.   Flash photography is not permitted in the cave, so I really had to pump up the ISO for the sea lion shot.  ISO 5000 and I still couldn’t get a shutter speed higher than 1/125 sec.  The best I could do given the conditions.
We are on the road again in the morning, heading for Thousand Trails in Seaside, OR.  I stopped in there on the way south in Oct 09 with our friends Jim & Jane but Chris was back helping out her ailing parents at the time so this will be her first time at Seaside.
I would like to thank our readers for leaving so many wonderful comments.  Everyone seems to like the larger photos.  I have also reverted back to the darker background behind the photos which I think makes them a little easier to see.


  1. E Squared and Mui April 7, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Looks like the sea lion was ready to pose for a glamour shot :-)

  2. Donna aka Froggi April 7, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    Amazing photos…we loved visiting out there.