Back to Phaeton Place

We were up bright and early this morning in time for a quick coffee and light breakfast with Garry & Jean before continuing on into Kamloops. It was so peaceful sleeping in the cabin overlooking the lake last night that we really hated to go. No traffic noise at all, just the call of the occasional loon on the water. What an idyllic spot!

The drive into Kamloops was uneventful. We stopped at a Save On Foods store to grab some groceries before continuing on to Holiday RV Resort in Hope where we had left Phaeton Place before our trip to England. Both of us were surprised at the high price of groceries. We were still used to US grocery prices from last winter. Still can’t figure out how a Costco roast chicken which sells for about $5 in Palm Springs can be worth $9 here in Canada. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch hoping to take advantage of the now free wifi at Canadian McDonalds but this particular restaurant must not have received the memo. We did find a Starbucks in Merritt though with great wifi.

Our original plan after returning from England was to head for Kelowna in Phaeton Place for a week before moving on to Banff and Jasper and eventually the Lions Campground in Leduc for a month to spend some time with Matt & Sarah before heading back for Ontario later this summer. We have lots of friends in Penticton and after all the driving we have done in the last five weeks, driving back and forth from Kelowna to Penticton repeatedly didn’t make much sense, so we have decided to head for Twin Lakes Golf & RV near Penticton instead. It will be nice to sit and relax for a week before heading off to Alberta.

So Wednesday will be a putzing day at Phaeton Place. We have 50 amp, water and sewer, so laundry will be done. Phaeton Place survived in grand style while we were away. The heat pumps fired up right away and took the chill off this afternoon. I was a little concerned by a handful of nights with below freezing temperatures while we were away. I’d emptied all our holding tanks and drained my water lines but the hot water tank was still full and we had not used any anti freeze in the lines. Thankfully, it turns out my concerns were all for not.