Chilling in Penticton

We’ve been chilling in Penticton for the last few days. Twin Lakes Golf & RV Resort is very peaceful, so peaceful that we do not even have a cell phone signal in the park. Temperatures are definitely a little on the cool side too. I don’t remember it being this chilly in May back in the 80s while I was stationed here. We’ve kept ourselves busy though and have enjoyed some nice walks along the shores of Okanagan Lake. Today we parked at Home Hardware and walked the bike path along the river channel all the way to Starbucks near the golf course. We spotted a 4 ft rattle snake sunning itself on the pathway. It slithered off when we got too close and we gladly let it go on it’s merry way. As we returned to our vehicle we passed a native craft store right on Green Mountain Rd at the river channel. You’ll never guess who was belting out the rock hits. None other than rElvis!! We stood and listened for a few songs before moving on towards our car. He was pretty good too!

A little grocery shopping at Save On Foods after our walk and then back out to our campground for a quiet afternoon. We spent last winter in southern California and just got back from a month in England, so buying groceries in Canada hasn’t been a common occurrence since last October. All we can say is OUCH!! Prices are certainly much more expensive in Canada than down south. As an example, the same size box of spoon size Shredded Wheat we paid $3US for at Walmart for the last two winters down south……$6CDN!! Milk, cheese, soy milk, breads, etc…’s all costing a bomb! Ridiculous!

I finally had a go at Netflix this afternoon. I’m a little reluctant to stream movies using our satellite Internet connection as I think we would use up our daily allowance of 250 mb in fairly short order. However, we have free wifi in the park so we decided to give Netflix a go on my laptop. We signed up for our free month and streamed Harry Brown starring Michael Caine without any difficulty. It took perhaps 2-3 minutes for the movie to begin streaming. It was very good quality sound and video. I’m told it is also possible to stream Netflix on our Nintendo Wii but I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet. I suspect I’ll have to update our Wii firmware before I do anything. Might do that later tonight. If Netflix turns out to be viable, we may just get rid of some of our extra channels with Bell ExpressVu.

I also downloaded the newest iOS for my iPad 2 using the campground’s wifi. Apple really needs to do something about the size of the OS system updates. 670mb is about a 90 minute download. The iPad is all updated now, but the iPhone 4 iOS update is completely different, so looks like another 90 minute download coming up before we leave here on Thursday. Rumor has it that future iOS updates will be patches thereby eliminating full iOS downloads which should make life a lot easier.

We head for Alberta on Thursday morning. We managed to get a couple of nights at Whistler campground in Jasper on the way through to Edmonton but Lake Louise campground is still first come first served until Jun 17th, so we’ll have to wing that one. That should be a fairly short drive over from Golden though.


  1. Dennis and Donna May 30, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    We are so behind the times, we don't use Netflix..Boy, I am jealous of your trips to Jasper and Lake Louise…Loved that part of the Canadian Rockies!!!

  2. BJ May 30, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    Hi There,
    I don't know much about electronics but we did use our Wii to stream Netflix movies. We were told we needed a router (which I already had). Netflix sent me to an internet address which gave very simple instructions and I did it my self. Worked great. Good luck.