England Slideshow

I’m posting a slideshow here of our recent trip to England.  I thought it might be easier to see all the photos in one place instead of having to scroll through a month worth of blog posts.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the shots in here.  I generally use Smugmug instead of Flickr to store my photos but the two photo editing apps I was using on my iPad do not yet support Smugmug, so Flickr was my only option.  I’m pretty pleased with how Flickr handles things although there is a bit of a learning curve especially when asked to post photos to other groups.
Our friend Jag must have insomnia like I do because after visiting his website yesterday afternoon, I received 4 emails from him in quick succession early this morning.  He asked some interesting questions about the iPad 2 and I thought I would answer them as best I could here.  
With regards to travel and photography, the iPad 2 gets top marks in my book.  I left my huge Toshiba laptop behind and only took my ipad 2 and iphone to England along with my Canon DSLR of course.  Using Apple’s camera connector kit, I was able to plug in either the SDHC memory card from my Canon DSLR direct to my ipad 2 or connect my iphone 4 to my ipad 2 with my charging cable and upload all photos right to the ipad 2.  Once photos were on my ipad 2 it was relatively simple to edit the photos using either Filterstorm Pro or Photogene.  Both are excellent photo editing apps available in the iTunes store at great prices.  Once edited it was fairly straight forward to upload my photos to Flickr, although Photogene seemed to handle the Flickr uploads more easily than Filterstorm Pro.  I used Blogsy, another iPad app, to update my blog.  Blogsy handled all my blogging needs and even let me drag and drop my Flickr photos right into my entries.  I took about two hundred photos, but not to worry, they aren’t all in the slideshow.  The point being that my 64 GB iPad 2 had plenty of room to spare.  I’m also glad I opted for the 3G/wifi version iPad 2 as this gave me internet access almost everywhere in England once I sorted out the SIM card requirements with Vodafone.  
Hauling luggage around is always a hassle when flying and our goal was to travel as light as possible.  We’ve each done the large roller bag thing in years past and frankly those huge cases are a bit much to drag around. We bought an Eddie Bauer medium expedition bag on sale in Calgary before we left and find this to be an excellent bag.  Lots of storage and it has wheels and a pull handle too.  We liked it so much that we are thinking of ditching the duffle bag and buying another Eddie Bauer bag for future trips.  I’m pretty sure these bags qualify for carry on luggage as well.
Its been raining most of the night here along the Hope Princeton Highway.  We are packing up and heading for Twin Lakes Golf and RV Resort near Penticton later this morning.