Filey to Solihull

We hit the road out of Filey on Wednesday morning around 7:30 am and took the A-64 over to York before turning south on the A-1. Traffic was very heavy on the M-1 according to BBC 2 radio in the Nottingham area so we ad-libbed a bit and took secondary roads to get around it but eventually got back onto the M-1 and then the M-6 on into Birmingham. The skies opened as we got close to Solihull. We managed to find an Esso to refuel before we took our rental back to Thrifty and were rid of the car by 12:30 pm. Don’t think we’ll do a rental car in the UK again. We always seem to have problems with extra charges being tacked on after the fact no matter which rental company we use. Next time we’ll do the train.

Jim & Jane were waiting for us at Thrifty and after a quick swap of stuff from one trunk to another, we were on our way. We’ve enjoyed a bit of rest since arriving in anticipation of our long flight back to Calgary this weekend. A bit of shopping, a nice carvery the other night featuring the biggest Yorkshire pudding we have ever seen and Pickleball on Thursday morning in a nearby park have kept us very busy. We’ve also resumed our evening Hand and Foot canasta games. Boys are now up 3-1. The girls squeaked out a close win last night before we turned in for the night.

I’m posting two iPhone photos of St Augustine’s catholic church in Solihull. The original was taken with the Pro HDR app and combines two exposures in camera automatically. The second photo, the one with the white frame around it, is the final edited version using Filter Storm Pro, an iPad photo editing app. Notice the parking sign in front of the church as well as a traffic sign and lamp post on the left edge of the original have been successfully cloned away. FS Pro is not Photoshop CS5 by any means, but it certainly is feature rich enough for anyone needing basic editing capabilities while on the road with an iPad.

We are enjoying a relaxing afternoon sitting in the Rankin conservatory. As you can see, the girls are having a difficult time staying awake in the warm afternoon sunshine.

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  1. Dennis and Donna May 20, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    What a great trip you have had…and thanks for allowing us to ride along!!!