Last Day in Penticton

We enjoyed a relaxing day at our campground yesterday.  Chris busied herself with a good spring cleaning of the inside of Phaeton Place.  As far as the outside goes, PP is a little dusty from the Hope Princeton crossing last week but nothing too serious.  We still have to cross the Rockies into Alberta and I expect we’ll pick up quite a bit of road grime on that trip, so I’ve decided to leave the bulk of our outside wash and wax until we get to Leduc.  I did replace both the windshield wiper hoses on the front of Phaeton Place.  We suffered a cracked hose while in San Francisco in March and Don Boyd from Tiffin Motorhomes was kind enough to send me two new replacement hoses at no cost.  I’d managed to repair the original cracked hose before leaving San Francisco but this morning I noticed that both hoses were broken.  The hoses were quite brittle, most likely from the cooler temperatures while PP was in storage in Hope, BC.  Replacement was pretty simple but I think I shall keep a few spare hoses on hand just in case this happens again.  I suspect this is a pretty common  problem at least on Phaetons.

 Evening Grosbeak
Male Evening Grosbeak
The sun has made a few appearances over the past few days which was enough to prompt me to break out the bird feeder.  We are parked opposite a large stand of pine trees which seem to be full of a colony of grosbeaks.  Once I had the feeder up, it didn’t take them long to take advantage of a free lunch.  The feeder is positioned about 10 feet from our kitchen slide out and the window behind the sofa made for an excellent photography blind.  This is the first time either of us have seen these colorful birds. 
Female Evening Grosbeak
My old Penticton Ave neighbours joined us in Phaeton Place for a great spaghetti supper last night.  Chris out did herself as usual and the best part is we have leftovers too! We hadn’t seen Les & Evelyn since our last visit to Penticton back in Oct 2009 so its been great to get together with them a couple of times while we are in town.  This was the first time they had seen PP and they were quick to point out that what we are doing isn’t really camping anymore.  We have to agree of course.
So today is laundry day.  Fill the water tank and dump our tanks for our road trip.  We’ll head for Golden, BC tomorrow morning and then on into Lake Louise on Thursday morning for a few days of hiking and photography before slowly moving up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper.  I know we have full hookups in Jasper so we should be good for 5-6 days without sewer while we explore the Rockies.


  1. E Squared and Mui May 31, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    You're headed to some of my favorite parts of Canada … looking forward to riding along with you. Great shots of the birds.

  2. Dennis and Donna May 31, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    I'm really wanting to see your spot in Jasper…We stayed in a log cabin there a gazillion years ago…Such a beautiful area…but then, there are many such beauties up there!!