Robin Hood’s Bay & Whitby

Wednesday, I chauffeured the gang of us north of Scarborough to our primary destinations for the day of Robin Hood’s Bay & Whitby. On the way, we also enjoyed driving the back country roads through the very small town of Boggle Hole. The hedge row lined roadway was barely wide enough for our car let alone anyone coming the other way. Thankfully, we did not encounter any oncoming traffic. My father used to love driving all the twisting, winding back roads of Yorkshire and we do too!!

Robin Hood’s Bay sits on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. We parked in the overflow car park at the top of the hill and then walked all the way down into the town at the bottom of the cliffs. My mother, Inge, is almost 82 now and has undergone knee & hip replacement surgeries in the past few years. She walks with a cane but with a little assistance for all of us managed to walk all the way down and then up the hill into Robin Hood’s Bay without any difficulty at all. We enjoyed our customary tea & scones in the bakery perched high about the main street and then also visited many of the shops lining the back walkways and streets.

Our next stop was Whitby so the kids could explore Whitby Abbey. We parked at the Abbey car park and roamed around the Abbey grounds for almost two hours before stopping it at St. Mary’s Church situated at the top of a large sweeping staircase consisting of 199 steps down into the oldest area of Whitby. Chris and I have been up and down those stairs many times on past visits but this was a first for Lindsay & Casey. Oh to be young again! Inge managed to walk down all 199 steps with a little help from yours truly and had a wonderful time. She was very proud of herself for having done so well and so were we!

Chris found a wonderful knee length cardigan at Edinburgh Woollen Mill at a fabulous price. We watched a fisheries boat enter Whitby harbor through the turning draw bridge that funnels traffic across the harbor. Very impressive to see the bridge in operation. After another stop for a late afternoon tea, the ladies wandered around shopping while Casey and I climbed back up all 199 steps to the Abbey for a little more exploring. It truly is a fabulous structure! I was hoping to get a shot of the Abbey with a nice reflection in a small pond in front of it, but it was pretty breezy so no reflections today! Perhaps another time.

We left Whitby around 6 pm and drove the back roads to Pickering, taking in such memorable places as Goathland, Grosmont, Egton Bridge, Beck’s Hole, the Hole of Horcum and also across the top of the Yorkshire Moors, before heading home for Filey. A wonderful day of exploration. The sun shone all day but it was a little breezy from time to time. Tomorrow will be a rest day around FIley with perhaps a quick run down to Flamborough Head in the afternoon.


  1. Anonymous May 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    We are enjoying your trip. Great photos and blog. Dick & Rockey

  2. E Squared and Mui May 5, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    Fantastic … just the kind of places we like to explore.