Scenic Tour

We had Lindsay & Casey at York Station in plenty of time for their train to Manchester Airport this morning although our arrival wasn’t without difficulty. The drive to the station from our B & B was only about a mile. We tried to get into short stay parking at the station but it was full with lorries off loading. We had already passed the long stay parking and were on a one way street, so we couldn’t go back to it. Instead, we wound up in the overflow parking and had to shlep suitcases up and down about four sets of long stairs in order to get to the station. It made for an interesting start to their day but all was well in the end. Lindsay had ordered two reserved seats online at significant savings and picked them up from the automated kiosk upon our arrival. In no time the Manchester Airport train arrived on platform 3 and after tearful goodbyes we waved goodbye. We’ll see them both again this summer in Ontario. Thanks for a wonderful visit you two. That’s the most time we have spent together in quite some time.

Chris & I headed back to our B & B for a bit of breakfast and to pack our things. This was the first time we had the car to ourselves in almost two weeks so we decided to take a little longer way back to Filey. We headed for Sutton Bank which is a huge plateau with an awe inspiring climb to a large cliff overlooking a valley. The cliff top is home to a glider club and caravan park. With today’s low cloud cover and rain showers, no gliders were flying today however.

We drove in and out of rain all the way to Thirsk and over to Lythe and Ugthorpe, farm communities just north of Whitby. The fields were magnificent with the dark storm clouds hanging overhead so we just had to stop for a few photos along the way. We grabbed a light lunch in Whitby and poked around some of streets we had not seen yet this visit.

We were back in Filey in time for a cup of tea. Oddly enough, the weather in Filey was quite pleasant with only a bit of rain. Looks like we’ll have great weather for our walk on the beach tomorrow. Lindsay & Casey texted us before we headed off to bed to announce they had arrived safely back at home. Time for some shuteye.

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  1. Chuck and Anneke's RV travels May 14, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    All good, but I think I like the last part of the tour best :)