Thrifty Vandalism

Yesterday was a blustery day in Filey with showers off and on throughout the day. We packed my mother into the car for one last trip to the Morrisson’s Super Store near Eastfield. She stocked up on groceries and staples and should now be set for a couple of weeks anyway. We bought everything for a fantastic spaghetti supper at home last night. Mom out did herself on the sauce…..she says it’s the wine she uses…..Whatever it is, it was fabulous! Chris threw together one of her yummy green salads as a side dish and we had melon with gooseberry yogurt for dessert. We just had to try gooseberry yogurt as we don’t see that in Canada at all. It was very nice!

After returning from shopping, Chris and I went for a walk around Filey. The tide was just about all the way in at the sea front but as we have noticed during our entire stay, there were very few waves at all. Usually we see huge waves crashing on the sea wall and over Filey Brigg as the tide rolls in, but not this year. Not sure if the lunar cycle has some bearing on this or not. We sat in the car along the sea wall in Scarborough watching the waves crashing onto the road in years past but not this trip. The wind was still blowing hard too. We noticed more than one person having to lower their shoulder into the wind in order to be able to advance forward on some of the sidewalks.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening reading. I managed to finish The Lost Symbol on my iPad 2. I was a little disappointed in the ending. The last thirty pages seemed a little anticlimactic after the son died. Still a good read though. I expect we’ll see Tom Hanks reprising his movie role as Robert Langdon soon enough.

One bit of news about the damage to our rental car. Upon closer examination the scratches were not caused by an errant car door hitting our car at all. Instead, as you can see in this photo some hooligan has actually scratched the word “sorry” into the black paint. Upon our arrival at The Old Vic B&B in York a few days ago, Casey observed three young men loitering on the sidewalk not far from where we parked our rental car. They seemed interested in what we were unloading from the car so we took everything in with us, just in case. The youths cleared off soon after we went inside but I expect one of them took enough time to scratch his handiwork into the paint before leaving. I had thought better of booking a B&B without secure off street parking but figured it would not be a problem for a one night stay. Wrong!! A sad commentary on an otherwise great day in York. So for any reader contemplating staying in York, please look for secure off street parking.

This is our last day in Filey. We head back to the Chateau Rankin in Solihull tomorrow morning.

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  1. Dennis and Donna May 17, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    Isn't it too bad you have to be suspect of everyone?…Why would anyone just vandalize and run off. That takes a special mean streak….