Yorkshire Moors

The kids last full day in Filey started with a trip to the library to access the internet. They found out they could save a substantial amount of money if they booked their train tickets from York to Manchester Airport online instead of buying tickets at the train station. Who knew!

We were on the road to Kirkbymoorside near Pickering and on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors before 10 am. Our first stop was at the craft shops and barn in Hutton-Le-Hole where the girls enjoyed browsing the shops. We passed on the chocolate shop but the rest of the gang did grab some ice cream while I busied myself with taking a few pictures. I left my big camera at home today, instead preferring to make use of a new iPhone app called Pro HDR that actually takes two photos of a scene automatically, one exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows, before stitching them both together in camera. Pretty cool idea and for only $1.99 too. All of today’s photographs were taken using Pro HDR.

We just had to show the kids Chimney Bank which is about 10 minutes into the Yorkshire Moors park from Hutton-Le-Hole. There is a huge valley located at the bottom of a 33% downgrade. The view from the top near the old iron works is absolutely breathtaking and we always make sure to come up here once or twice while visiting. We did encounter one little hiccup though. The road through the small village at the bottom of the hill was closed. I missed the road closed sign and had to make a U turn in the middle of a very narrow downhill road so we could go all the way back up the hill to Hutton-Le-Hole. We did find a few more narrow, twisty, off the beaten path, roads to explore on our way over to Whitby though.

We parked on the west cliff side of Whitby for the first time this trip and followed the cobblestone pathway through the huge whale jaw bone that you can see framing Whitby Abbey in the photo. We grabbed an excellent lunch at Graveley’s before descending the stairs down to the harbor and then walking out past one of the lighthouses at the edge of the breakwater. The late afternoon sunshine made for some great photographs.

The kids have to say their goodbyes to grandma in the morning before the four of us have another day in York. We found this great little B& B in York for tomorrow night. So another day of sightseeing in York followed by a ghost walk in the evening. Kids on the train to Manchester Airport early Friday morning.

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  1. If I close my eyes really hard I can pretend to be sitting on that very bench… shhhhh!! I am enjoying…