Lake Louise – A Train Runs Through It

We packed up in the rain at Twin Lakes this morning and were on the road shortly after 9 am. We were heading for either Golden, BC or the hardside campground in Lake Louise, AB, depending on traffic and weather. We were in and out of rain most of the way today. Traffic was pretty good with the exception of some construction near Winfield and Oyama. We had to wait for about 20 minutes but it was clear sailing after that. We also found a Husky station selling diesel for $1.239 on the north side of Kelowna, so we topped up there. Fuel will certainly be cheaper in Alberta. Our first stop was at McDonalds in Revelstoke for a late lunch. We last stopped there in our Vue over the Victoria Day weekend and it was jammed with people. Today was a different story with lots of empty seats inside and plenty of parking too. I grabbed the above shot of one of Revelstoke’s bear statues with my iPhone.

It was very scenic through the Rockies today. Lots of puffy clouds and we could see most of the mountains on the way through. This is our third time through Rogers Pass in the last 6 weeks but our first time in the motorhome. It’s amazing how much more you can see from the front seat of a motorhome than when driving a car. We both laughed as I sounded the air horns on our way through the snow shed tunnels. What a hoot! There was still some snow laying in the ditches in the shady spots beside Hwy 1. We rolled into Golden before 5 pm. Our plans had been to overnight at the Husky in Golden and continue on to Lake Louise tomorrow morning but there was plenty of daylight left and Lake Louise was only another couple of hours, so we pushed on. We happened upon a semi trailer roll over east of Golden. A large tow truck was struggling to right the trailer from where it lay on the opposite side of the shoulder abutment. Most of the highway was blocked off but they had left enough room for a single lane of traffic to get by. The tractor unit was not in great shape either.

We continued on into Lake Louise and arrived at the hard side campground about 6:30 pm. There is a hard side and soft side campground. Hard side being motorhomes, fifth wheels, trailers and such. Soft side being tent trailers, tents, etc. There are bears and other wildlife around here so some restrictions are in place. We booked in here for three days on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not accepted until after Jun 15th I believe. The campground is crammed with rental RVs of all sizes. We must have seen at least twenty or more on the highway today and there has to be at least that many at this campground too. Renting RVs seems to be a popular past time these days. We managed a nice walk along the banks of the Bow river once we got set up. Surprisingly, we have Internet with our datastorm satellite but no TV. Usually it’s the other way around. We traveled about 520 km or just over 300 miles.

We did manage to find CBC on the antenna tonight and caught the last half of the hockey game. Go Canucks!!

Remember the movie A River Runs Through It? Well we have a new name for this campground….A Train Runs Through It! Third train just ran through our bedroom. Might be a light sleep tonight.


  1. Happytrails June 2, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Sometimes I don't mind the train sounds and sometimes I do. I do agree with Donna, I would not mind hearing them anytime if we were at Lake Louise. Beautiful area!!

  2. Chuck and Anneke's RV travels June 2, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Great scenery. Funny about trains, we had about ten of them pass by our bedroom slide last night :)

  3. Dennis and Donna June 2, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Trains run through our bedroom every night at least 10 times…not fun…I would rather we were at Lake Louise if I have to hear trains…Thanks for the great pictures…love that place!

  4. E Squared and Mui June 2, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    Not only do trains run through Lake Louise, but there's usually one at the old train station, now a restaurant. We walked the trail near the campground you mention … it's a nice easy path, with scenic views to entertain along the way.