Leduc Multiway

We had a tornado watch around south Edmonton area last night as we sat in the motorhome watching TV. There were plenty of dark, threatening clouds all around us but thankfully all we got was a few rain showers. Looks like it is shaping up for another tornado watch this evening too. The same dark clouds all around us and they showed several reports of funnel clouds on the news hour just now as well. So far so good though.

This morning the sun was actually shining when we awoke so we quickly changed and headed out for our daily power walk. We followed the pathway past the Off Leash Dog Park and Telford Lake eventually adding an extra kilometer to our usual walk, 7 km in total. Of course I just had to stop and grab a few photos with my iPhone. Telford Lake is quite scenic and according to the signs posted on the boardwalk is only 5 ft deep. It is quite popular for canoes and kayaks and they even have lanes marked in the water for racing. You can see Telford Lake in these photos.

Chris went to pick up Sarah in the Vue and they grabbed lunch downtown. Looks like they may have a lead on a new apartment for the kids too. I stayed at Phaeton Place trying to sort out why my Seagate GoFlex 1 TB external hard drive is no longer being recognized by either of our laptops. The Seagate community forum shows quite a few people reporting similar problems. I’m running a program right now called Power Data Recovery that was suggested to me on the forum as a possible way to recover my data. PDR at least sees my drive and is scanning it for errors which is more than I could do before. PDR is also a free program for home users, so if you ever have data recovery problems maybe check it out.

So after this data recovery episode, I am seriously looking at some type of redundant network storage for Phaeton Place especially for all my photographs. I checked into Drobos but they are just too big for the motorhome. I’ve settled on a Synology DiskStation DS211+ NAS Server with two Western Digital 2 TB SATA drives installed. These drives are removable and can be easily exchanged for new drives of the same or bigger size. I’ve ordered one online through a company in Mississauga and am hoping to have it by next week. More later on that one.


  1. Sue and Doug June 27, 2011 at 4:55 am #

    great photos..love the canoe filled with flowers!!

  2. Sandybee June 18, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Dang, I didn't want to read about your Seagate. I am by no means at your level of expertise. But, I'm trying to be faithful at backing up my family photos. I have burned most of them to dvds. I also had an iOmega portable hard drive that died just this past week (it wouldn't mount on any of my computers or one at Best Buy). So, the guy at Best Buy recommended I try Seagate. I bought 2 500Gig portable drives. One for Time Machine and a second one that I will be using just to back up photos and other documents. If one back up drive is good, 2 must be better. I would rather the drives had no moving parts, but I don't think they make a 500 Gig memory stick. We don't full time, so the drives need to be portable. The person I talked to at the Apple Store said iCloud is likely to be 5 Gigs per person. But, how many back ups are enough I wonder. Never can have too many, I guess. I have now bookmarked the Power Data Recovery site. It might even bring back the iOmega drive. Or not.