Maligne Lake & Canyon

Temps were a little cooler yesterday but the rain held off for the most part other than a few sprinkles. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast before packing ourselves into the Vue for the 40 km drive out to Maligne Lake. Chris’s research billed Maligne Lake as the most photographed lake in Canada but yesterday was a grey day so hopes of finding a lake with awesome reflections begging to be photographed were pretty remote. The lake was pretty enough but the wind made sure there were minimal reflections. We spoke to a young couple launching a canoe who asked us if we had seen the bear in the parking lot. No such luck I’m afraid. Just a few birds and squirrels this morning. There were quite a few tourists at the lake. The surrounding area is very popular for hiking, canoeing and kayaking.

I grabbed a few shots of the boat house which turned out quite well as HDR. We had coffee and a treat in the restaurant before heading back to Maligne Canyon which is only about 10 kms from Jasper. We hiked about 45 minutes along the canyons walls above the Maligne River. The rapids were quite something to behold. The river is geologically unique as it appears during spring runoff from the snow pack but then dries up and actually disappears underground in late summer. We had our picnic in the parking lot after our hike and then headed back into Jasper. On the way into town we saw elk grazing in a meadow at the side of the road and the a few hundred yards farther on we actually saw two young elk grazing on their own. They still had the newborn light colored hair all over their backs.

We picked up a few groceries for supper in town and then headed back to Whistler campground. The girls got supper started while I packed our bikes back into the Vue for our drive to Leduc tomorrow. My Vodafone SIM card is out of data so this post will have tom wait until we get to Leduc most likely. One little technical problem of note on Phaeton Place. The lock on the small bay door in front of the wet bay on the driver side of the coach appears to be loose inside the door panel meaning the lock won’t lock properly. Last time this happened the lock sorted itself out once the jacks were stowed for road travel. I guess we’ll find out in the morning.

We pulled out of Whistlers campground this morning with enough fuel still left to make Hinton where we grabbed $250 worth of diesel at $1.09/litre ($4.16/gallon), the best price we have seen since crossing the border into British Columbia from Washington state. Not a bad cost for over 3/4 of a tank. I managed to get the small bay door closed and locked properly before we left, thankfully. Our next stop was at an RV/Truck wash in Leduc, AB. What a great find that was and thanks to Sarah and Matt for showing us where it was. First time I’ve ever used one of these commercial vehicle washes and it worked out quite well removing most of the road grime. Cost me just over $50. I’ll get out the dri-wash once we get set up at Leduc Lions Campground in a day or two.

The girls are off to grab a Chicago pizza for supper while I chill in the motorhome for a bit after driving over from Jasper. Groceries at the Super Walmart after that. We have an appointment at First Truck in Edmonton tomorrow morning where I am hoping they can resolve my sporadic loss of dash electronics. It’s happened twice. Lost my dash defroster, backup camera, wipers, etc twice in the last year. Only for a few minutes and then they come back on again. I still think it is a dead spot in the ignition solenoid somewhere, so we are hoping for a quick fix.


  1. Sandybee June 10, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    Love the HDR photo of Maligne Lake! What a gorgeous reflection.

  2. Malone June 9, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    I know you talked about your cameras, HDR, Ipad, Iphone, etc, and DSLR, but can't remember when that was. Lots of good information, I know, but geez…I can't keep track any more. Hopefully I can time to go back and find it all. The HDR photos are so interesting, and dramatic! Love the long haired elk.

  3. E Squared and Mui June 9, 2011 at 10:58 am #

    I see you had more water at Medicine Lake than we did … but then the lake is supposed to disappear as the summer wears on, so no surprise. That HDR photo of the boat house at Maligne Lake is great.

  4. Sharon Del Rosario June 9, 2011 at 5:41 am #

    Awesome photos especially of wildlife! We've had similar problems with bay door locks, and have replaced two. Now having a problem with a 3rd one – when jacks are up we can get it to close properly, but not otherwise, no matter how level the site.