Rain Rain Go Away………

Sparrow Feeding
I’m pretty sure we are now on to day 6 of constant rain in the Edmonton area.  Locals have never seen it this wet for this long here and I am seriously considering ordering pontoons for Phaeton Place lest we float away overnight.  Thankfully, we are warm and dry inside but we haven’t been up to much and all because of the weather.  Even when it looks sunny enough for a quick walk, the rain returns unexpectedly.  They are finally forecasting a bit of sunshine for tomorrow so we’ll see if that works out or not.
My one source of amusement yesterday was watching the antics of the sparrows and starlings as they attacked our mesh feeder.  Funny how they can hang onto the mesh in a seemingly impossible gravity defying position while they peck away at the seeds.  I grabbed these shots with my 100-400mm zoom from the comfort of the very dry co pilot’s seat of our motorhome.  If you look closely, you can see some streaks of rain in the shot of the starling.
Update on my data recovery efforts for my Seagate GoFlex 1 TB external drive.  The software I tried doesn’t appear to work for some reason and the Richmond, BC company isn’t too obliging with any tech support.  On the positive side, my Synology DS211+ network RAID system with two Western Digital 2 TB drives is shipping tomorrow morning.