Sunshine in Leduc!!

The weather has certainly improved, at least in the short term anyway.  We’ve enjoyed two sunny days in a row!  We started yesterday off with another 7 km power walk with nordic poles.  Chris leaves me in the dust when she power walks with poles.  I simply can’t keep up with her for some reason.  Today though we started with a 5 km run, our first run in quite some time.  Actually, it turned out to be a run/walk for me….I went out a little too fast I think.  Chris, although slower than I was, managed to complete the whole loop without stopping.  Way to go!  We both felt pretty good about our accomplishment and followed it up with a little light stretching just to be safe. 
Teddy at 5 Wks & Weighing 2 lbs
We drove out to Beaumont Wednesday afternoon for another Teddy fix.  He is up to a whopping 2 lbs now but there is a lot of energy and attitude inside that little body.  He’s even got a few teeth coming in.  I found that out as he enjoyed munching on my thumb.  We signed a contract with the breeder and left a deposit, so Teddy is definitely ours now.  Chris has been researching everything she can about miniature schnauzers and has a good idea of what Teddy will eat, where he will sleep, grooming, etc.  She is even planning on taking Teddy with her on the plane when she flies to Halifax in August.

We did a Costco run this afternoon and stocked up on fresh fruit, veggies and meat.  Costco’s quality is far better than any of the other grocery stores we have seen in Leduc or south Edmonton and when you spend $200 at least the cart is full.  We also topped up the Vue with gas at $1.049/litre, the lowest price we have seen since arriving in Leduc.

Our weather radio went off again just now, warning of severe thunderstorms in the Leduc area.  Guess I better go batten down the hatches…….just in case. 

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  1. Sue and Doug June 27, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    congrats on Teddy!! cute and so little!!!