The Works Art & Design Festival

Edmonton Art Gallery in Reflection
Edmonton Art Gallery Reflection
Matt & Sarah drove us into Edmonton this afternoon.  We had a walk around The Works art & design festival and then strolled around downtown for a few hours.  I always like skyscraper reflections and I found some good ones today.  This one of a police car parked on the street in front of Century Place caught my eye.  The Art Gallery is reflected in the building’s glass.  
Glass Blower
This glass blower was working pretty hard in his booth and while the girls checked out some sale items, I watched as he did his thing.  He was pretty focused on the task at hand and I don’t think he even knew I took his photograph.  I processed this shot in Photoshop CS5 and finished it off with Topaz Adjust’s spicify filter.  Generally the spicify filter does not look good on people (skin especially), but I think it does an awesome job at dirtying up this shot just the right amount.
Both these photos are uploaded to my Smugmug HDR gallery.  Clicking on either photo should take you right to the gallery.  Lots of other HDR stuff in there.  That reminds me.  I revamped my Smugmug site a little yesterday to make it more friendly for mobile devices like ipads and iphones.  There is an html slideshow on the opening page which should be visible on all devices now. The previous flash slideshow could not be seen on iphones and ipads because neither device supports flash slideshows.  Please have a look and let me know what you think. 

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  1. Dennis and Donna June 27, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    You have a gift for photography..You can take a simple photo and turn it into a work of art…You and Al of The Bayfield Bunch should enter more contests! Thanks for sharing!!