Derelict Farm Buidlings

Collapsed Barn with Hay Bales

Our visit to see Teddy yesterday was a bit of a bust for me photographically speaking.  We had a great visit inside but we were also hoping to get him outside so I could get a few photographs of him on the grass in our breeder’s backyard.  Unfortunately, there has been a mosquito hatch in the area over the past few days and it was almost impossible to even go on the grass without being eaten alive by the little blood suckers.  Teddy enjoyed his romp in the grass and wasn’t bothered by the skeeters at all.  I tried to get a few shots but between Teddy running everywhere and me getting dive bombed by the mini vampires, well it just wasn’t possible to get any good shots.  Chris managed to get some good candid inside shots with our point and shoot though and has posted them on her Facebook page.

We had a great lunch at Boston Pizza in Beaumont with the birthday girl before popping into the Marble Slab Creamery in South Common for a small ice cream treat.  Very tasty is all I can say. :)

Following the back roads from South Common back to Leduc gave us a chance to stop at a couple of the abandoned farms along the way.  As you can see from the HDR shots here, some of the farm buildings are long since abandoned and many have succumbed to weather, wood rot and who knows what else.   I processed all these shots using Nik HDR Efex Pro.  All shots are hand held three exposure compilations taken at -2, 0, +2 EV.  I was dodging mosquitoes for only a few minutes.  Probably should have used a tripod now that I have time to think about it but I didn’t want to be outside any longer than necessary, if you catch my drift.

Red Barn


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