Happy Canada Day, ey!

Canada is 144 years old today! Not as old as some countries but not too shabby either. We celebrated the big day by watching the parade in downtown Leduc which is a small town just south of Edmonton. I much prefer a small celebration than dealing with the crowds gathering in Edmonton or the pandemonium going on in Ottawa right now with Prince William and Cate visiting. Over 300,000 people were out in Ottawa to see the newly weds and celebrate Canada Day in style. Leduc on the other hand might have had a couple of thousand people watching the parade as it wound its way through downtown. Sarah joined Chris & I on the sidewalk watching the events unfold. As you can imagine there was lots of the colour red about.

The RCMP in their red tunics are always a big hit in parades. Above are some of the local detachment members marching in the parade. Not sure who the little fellow up front belongs to but he got lots of applause as he marched with the big boys. Looks like he’s out of step though. No doubt something to work on for next year’s parade!

The fellow on the bike is in the parade every year apparently. Looks like he spent quite some time decorating his bike for the big day. There were lots of antique cars in the parade, along with fire trucks, police cars, floats of all kinds with lots of candy being thrown out for the little kids to grab just like it was Halloweeen. The driver of this RZR XP was pretty proud of his ride. We saw quite of these things down in Quartzsite.

Even one of the Airport’s crash trucks was all decked out for the parade. Did you catch the Canadian flag mounted inside the the front grill?

On our way back to the campground after the parade, we saw that the Leduc Fire Hall had an open house going on so we stopped in for a look around. The huge Canadian flag was flying from the top of an extended ladder on the ladder truck against a bright blue sky, so I just had to grab some shots of it. This proved to be quite difficult actually because the wind was making it very hard to get a good shot of flag with the red maple leaf in full view. I must have cracked off about thirty shots of the flag and only a handful showed the entire flag extended in the wind. This last HDR shot of the department’s investigation truck parked at the rear of the fire hall against a cloud filled sky is my favourite of the bunch.


  1. Sandybee July 2, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    I tried to leave a comment on yesterday’s post, but it wouldn’t go. Glad it’s working today (otherwise it was me). Everything iin the new blog space looks very nice I enjoy your posts and photos.

    • Mark July 2, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

      Thanks for dropping by Sandy. I still have a few cosmetic things to look after on the new site but those will get done in time. Your comment made me realize that comment moderation is enabled by default in WordPress so I will have to change that as well.