North Battleford, Saskatchewan

It rained again Tuesday afternoon but we still enjoyed our last supper with Matt & Sarah. Once the rain stopped things dried out enough for me to begin putting most of our outdoor things away. I stored our road bikes back inside the rear of the Vue and the wheel covers, chairs, etc all went into their correct places in our storage bays.

Teddy had a restless night last night. He refused to settle down like he did his first night at home. Chris was up with with him several times both inside and outside but he just didn’t like being in his cage under the table. The solution was to put his cage next to our bed and that seemed to do the trick as he settled down nicely.

We had breakfast with the kids before saying our goodbyes and heading east. We fueled up at the Husky Truck stop in Leduc before leaving. $1.069/litre for diesel which was the lowest price we saw all day. Our first stop was to pop in to see our friends Jerry & Jessie in Tofield. They insisted on seeing Teddy on our way through town and were as smitten with him as we are. Our next stop was in Irma on Hwy 14 to see Lorne & Barb, cousins of our friends Jim & Jane in England. We had a great visit along with a nice lunch before continuing our journey. It was great to meet Canadian relatives of our friends.

Today’s weather was fabulous for driving. Not very hot outside but still sunny and warm enough to have a window open while driving. All along our route we could see canola and wheat fields. Lots of great yellows and greens which contrasted nicely with bright blue skies filled with white fluffy clouds. Traffic was light enough that we even managed to stop on the highway for a few photos from the driver seat with my iPhone. We’ll spend the night with 4-5 other RVs at Walmart in North Battleford, SK and continue on into Regina in the morning. We have a nice grass field right next to our motorhome which is perfect for a little Teddy training. Hoping we can tucker him out enough so he’ll sleep a little soundly tonight.

Used my iPad for today’s post. Blogsy, the app I use, has been a little finicky posting today’s photos. Gmail was also acting up for some reason tonight as well. As soon as I logged in to my account, I got kicked out again. Very strange. We used our 3G data plan with Telus for Internet access last. The personal hotspot feature allows me to connect my iPad to the Internet via the 3G on my iPhone. Not quite as handy as having 3G right on the iPad, even though it can take a sim card, but certainly cheaper than giving Telus any more money than we have to. We have hardly used our data allowance for this month and find it handy to be able to check things online while driving now and to be fair data plan prices have come down in the past few years. It may soon even be time to consider letting the DataStorm Internet plan lapse. Ahhhh,………progress!