Regina, Saskatchewan to Steinbach, Manitoba

We enjoyed a tour around the RCMP Training Academy on Friday.  There is lots of construction going on at the moment.  The new mess hall is open and looks very modern, certainly a step up from the old mess hall.  There is also two new multistory cadet dormitories currently under construction.  One is going up next to the gymnasium and the other is going up between the academic building and D block.  We managed to take the Sergeant Major’s noon day parade on Friday and saw five cadet troops on the parade square.  There are only ten troops in training at the moment and five of them were on parade.  In years past there were as many as 18-20 troops in training at one time but things are a little slow right now.

Friday evening was spent visiting old neighbours in Lakeridge Sub Division.  We had a wonderful supper with Wayne, Cheryl, Ross & Darlene and the evening lasted quite late.  Teddy behaved himself very well and never got into any mischief at all.  Of course he was the center of attention for most of the evening.

Our plan was to leave for Steinbach around 8 am but we were both a little tired and slept in.  We managed to get off base after a little mix up.  I had asked the Commissionaires about exiting academy grounds via the 1th Ave exit and was told that wasn’t a problem at all.  So out the gate we went at 9:30 am heading down 11th Ave, only to quickly see the road was closed and completely impassable while they worked on replacing a bridge.  With no where to turn around, we were left to unhook the Vue and then back up the motorhome for about two hundred yards until I could turn us around.  Then it was back onto academy grounds through the same gate we had just exited and we were finally on our way by 10 am.

The weather had cooled off quite substantially overnight.  Once we left Regina, it started sprinkling a bit by the time we reached Indian Head and after that we were in a constant downpour all the way to Winnipeg.  Definitely the wettest and longest travel day we have had in quite some time.  We didn’t get into Steinbach until almost 7 pm.  Teddy was good as gold the entire way and enjoyed getting outside for a pit stop every couple of hours even in the rain.  We are at Steinbach campground for a couple of nights before moving into Ontario.  We were surprised to have no cellular phone service in southern Manitoba at all right from when we crossed into Manitoba and all the way into Winnipeg.  Likewise in Steinbach, no Telus cellular service.  For some reason our Datastorm dish is not working for internet either but thankfully Steinbach campground has free wifi available so we are not completely out of touch.

Today’s photos of the RCMP Training Academy are all thumb nail size.  Just click on the photos to enlarge.

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