Regina, Saskatchewan

We enjoyed a quiet night at Walmart in North Battleford last night. Teddy settled in nicely for a good night’s sleep. Chris puts his cage near her side of the bed now and last night had a blanket over it to make it even more cozy for Teddy. It seems to have done the trick as we never heard a peep from him until 6 am this morning. Teddy is such a good traveller! He entertains himself and never whines or gets into mischief. He enjoys sitting in Chris’s lap to watch the scenery roll by. Of course he falls asleep easily in her lap as well but also doesn’t mind sitting quietly or snoozing in his carry bag which we keep on the floor between our seats. Such a good boy!

We stopped at Timmy’s for coffee on the way out to Hwy 16 this morning and were heading for Saskatoon shortly after 9 am. I had plenty of fuel to get to Regina but my GasBuddy iPhone app showed me that diesel was cheaper in Saskatoon than Regina, so we filled up at the Husky truck stop off Marquis Drive. From there it was southbound on Hwy 11 through Davidson and on into Regina by 3 pm. We stopped for lunch south of Davidson. I used to be stationed in Craik in 1993 and from what I could tell on the way by, nothing has changed much around this small prairie town.

The northwest corner of Regina by Rochdale Ave and Pasqua St has really grown. Lots of new housing, a super Walmart, Home Depot and all sorts of other usual big city stores. We pulled into the RCMP Training Academy entrance off Dewdney Ave at McCarthy Blvd and have booked ourselves a site for two nights in Carden Estates on Academy grounds. It’s a very nice little campground with a five night maximum stay for current and retired members of the force.

After checking in we had a stroll around the grounds. There is lots of construction ongoing. Hoping to get out for a tour tomorrow and to also see some familiar faces that were here back when I was stationed here in the 1990s.