Soggy Days

West Edmonton Mall Pirate SHip

West Edmonton Mall Pirate Ship

Our apologies for not being too active on the blog this past week.  I guess the soggy weather has something to do with it.  It’s been raining for a week straight and at times we wonder whether it will ever stop.  Thankfully the weekend forecast looks much more promising than it has been in recent days.  That big yellow thing in the sky is supposed to make a prolonged appearance too, so here’s hoping.  Of course it figures that the weather would improve as we wind down our stay here in Leduc and get ready to hit the road next Wednesday.  Chris figures that knowing our luck, the rain will follow us back to Ontario.  We’ve kept ourselves busy these past few days hunting for a little field mouse that decided to come inside and join us out of the rain.  Bit of a nuisance but we’ll catch the little bugger soon.  Thought we had him the other day but the trap only stunned him and he managed to run off.  I’m thinking today’s the day!

We’ve been researching RV parks in the Kincardine, Hanover, Goderich, even Waterloo, Ontario areas for a place to stay for a month or two.  The prices are really outrageous at over $1000/month and for only 30 amp service too with very few amenities.  Guess it’s true that the parks try to make as much money as possible during the summer months.  Of course there is the much hated HST back in Ontario which adds 13% tax on top of the prices too.

Teddy update……

Teddy at 8 weeks

We popped out to Beaumont to see Teddy on Monday and will go again on Friday.  He is doing very well and we are very anxious to finally bring him home with us on July 18th.  We picked up a travel bag for him yesterday which Chris will use for Teddy on the flight to Halifax in August.  We have another stop at G&E Pharmacy in Edmonton planned for later today.  They have the best prices in the area on cages and other pet accessories and our breeder recommends them.

Hold the phone…………the sun is finally out and there is actually a patch of blue sky!!  Time for our run into Costco.