Stormy Morning

We had a real boomer blow through over our campground in Leduc this morning around 6 am. The first thing that woke me up was the flash of distant lightning through the shower sky light. At first I just thought it was a normal sunrise which we see out our windshield most days. But something was off so I went up front and rolled up some of the night shades only to see heavy storm clouds all around except to the east where the sun was already up and shining brightly.  I quickly grabbed my camera and headed outside to grab a shot or two.  The sky in front of the motorhome was clear with a nice yellow sun already shining brightly.  Imagine my surprise though when I turned back toward Phaeton Place and saw a very threatening sky with a double rainbow overhead.  I was still half asleep and had to quickly fumble with the camera settings so I could grab a few shots before the rain started.  My timing was pretty good and I only got a little wet.

The above is an HDR shot.  The colours are a little off but that is because of the very dark skies in front of me and a brightly lit sky with sunshine behind me.  As usual, please click on the photograph  to enlarge.

Teddy comes home later this morning so you can expect to see quite a few more doggie shots in the coming days.