Sudbury to Kincardine, Ontario

Teddy and I enjoyed ourselves as the guests of our friends Tony and Christine in Sudbury on Thursday night. After a long day driving, it was nice to unwind while enjoying the view of the lake from their deck. We met Christine in Fort Erie last fall before heading south but her husband Tony was unable to attend. Tony and I became fast friends. He is an award winning professional photographer based in Sudbury and his work is truly stunning. Of course he being a Nikon guy and me being a Canon guy made for some good natured fun. Gotta love that Nikon D3S with the 500 mm lens and tripod he has for shooting birds from his deck. Check out his website at Thank you both for a wonderful supper and the great company too.

Teddy and I packed up our things Friday morning and headed south on Hwy 69 from Sudbury around 10:30 am. Boy, is there ever a lot of things to do before you hit the road when you are by yourself! Even though we were assigned a pull through site at Carol’s RV for our one night stay, I still had to unhook the car in order to get out as the lot wasn’t long enough to leave the Vue attached without it blocking the road a little. It took us about an hour to stow everything, bring the slides in etc and then I had to wait for a bit until the fellow next to us left so I could make the immediate tight right turn to get out of our site. Once I hooked up the Vue, we were on our way south with about a third of a tank of fuel.

I figured there would be fuel along the highway around Parry Sound but there wasn’t and I missed the MacEwen station a little farther south totally, so before long we were cruising into Barrie along Hwy 400 with the low fuel indicator brightly lit, looking for a Pioneer station that my Gas Buddy iPhone app told me was selling diesel at $1.199/litre. We found the station without incident and I managed to get PP to the pump in a smallish sized lot before throwing $300 worth of diesel into her. Teddy had a little romp outside at the station while we filled and before long we were on our way towards Angus and then over to Flesherton, Hanover and Kincardine by 5 pm.

Merv and Kim have a wonderful farm near Kincardine and let us put our Bounder there during a family reunion some years ago. This was the first time here for Phaeton Place though and she looked right at home this morning parked in front of the barn as the sun came up. Teddy is having a great time roaming around the property and has made himself two new doggie friends as well.