Teddy Arrives!

We managed to get a shorter than usual walk along the bike path on Monday morning. We were both very excited about bringing Teddy home at long last so we had to cut it a little short.

We headed for Beaumont shortly after 11 am driving along Roly View Rd, our usual route around the outskirts of Leduc. Much to our surprise though the police had the road blocked off about two miles out of town. There were two semis involved in an accident that completely blocked the entire road. I was a little confused as to why two RCMP cruisers were blocking the road that far out of town while there was no advisory sign or police car at the edge of Leduc to warn vehicles that the highway ahead was closed. I suggested to the two young members at the roadblock that the public would be much better served if one of them stationed their car closer to town but neither of them seemed interested in moving. For a moment I wished I was still working…..for obvious reasons. Not much thought went into putting both cars at the same place and not warning the traffic about the road closure. Semis and RVs use Roly View Rd all the time and they would have had a long wait because there was no way they could have turned around.

Anyway, the road closure meant we had to go back into Leduc and find another way to Beaumont if we wanted to pick up Teddy on time. This little detour put us about ten minutes late for our appointment to pick up Teddy, our first time to be late and on the day we were bringing him home too! Funny how things turn out. No harm done though.

Teddy was all pimped out, freshly bathed, combed, etc and looked like a million bucks. He road very proudly in a carry bag on Chris’s lap all the way back to Leduc without making a peep. The same carry bag Chris will use for Teddy on her flight to Halifax next month, so its good he likes being in the bag.  He watered the grass while I had an oil change done on the Vue in town.

Once we got back to Phaeton Place, he spent an hour or so checking out every little nook and cranny of his new home. He loves his raw food diet which leaves very little coming out the other end. And that has to be a good thing right? We’ve got him trained already to pee on the grass when we take him outside every hour or so.

We have his cage set up for him under the dining table and he loves it. There is a snoozy mat on the bottom of the cage and a large stuffed dog for him to snuggle with. The same type of stuffed dog the puppies used as a stand in mommy at the breeder’s. Following one last walk for a late night pee, we locked him in his cage around 10:30 pm last night when we went to bed and never heard a peep out of him all night long. Simply amazing and we are very pleased about that. Let’s hope this continues.

Teddy was up around 6 am this morning and Chris brought him back into bed with us for a bit.  His reaction to seeing himself in our wall mirrors from the bed was hilarious.  He growled repeatedly at what I am sure he thought was another dog in his territory.  He certainly is entertaining to watch.  Today, he had his first vet check up and passed with flying colours. He has already made a few doggie friends in the park too. We expect he’ll be quite a performer. He loves his snuggles and is very comfortable sitting in either of our laps.

We are on the road heading east tomorrow morning and will likely spend a night in North Battleford, SK before moving on to Regina for a few days.  We have enjoyed our 6 week stay in Leduc but are eager to get moving again.