Teddy Visit

Wow! The weather around here has certainly turned nasty since Wednesday afternoon. We survived unscathed here in Leduc but there has been a lot of wind and hail damage all around Edmonton with three tornadoes touching down south of here near Innisfail, Alberta destroying at least one farm property and knocking down a lot of trees in a campground. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Temperatures have dropped about 15C in the last 36 hours and snow is forecasted for Jasper tonight! One of the local oil field workers who has a fifth wheel a few sites over from us, stopped by while I was outside the other morning asking if we sustained any hail damage. He had a few dents in his hood but so far as I can tell, Phaeton Place and our Vue came through the night unscathed. We heard hail on the roof for only a few minutes early Thursday morning before it turned to rain. We even had to scrub our morning walk today because of wind and rain. Needless to say the awnings are all in but we have not yet had to pull in the slides.

Today’s excitement was another visit to see Teddy at his current home in Beaumont. We get to bring him home with us in another 10 days. He was very playful today and kept us in stitches as he romped around the kitchen. He got his shots and deworming at the vet Thursday afternoon. He is in great shape but was off his food until we arrived this morning. That is totally understandable considering the shots and all. Michelle mixed up enough raw food with sea weed for all nine puppies but Teddy got to eat first because all the rest of them were still snoozing in their pen. Boy did he ever chow down on the raw food! We’ll be continuing the raw food diet when he comes home with us too.

The wind is blowing pretty hard outside but so far very little rain this evening. I spoke too soon……here comes the rain! Time for some shut eye.

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