The Comfort Furnace

We were invited to Devon Lions park for supper with some old friends from Penticton on Canada Day. We had a great evening with Jim, Shelley, Karen and the kids who have a seasonal site in this very nice park along the North Saskatchewan river.

Jim showed me the Comfort Furnace he’s uses in his fifth wheel. This is an infra red 1500W heater that is whisper quiet and designed to keep a 1000 sq ft living space toasty warm all while reducing energy consumption by 35%-50%. It has a digital remote control and the unit is available in an assortment of different wooden cases. The unit weighs 30 lbs but sits on casters and rolls around quite easily. It actually makes quite a fine looking end table. Now this unit is not cheap by any stretch of your pocket book, retailing for over $550 in Canada and $400 in the USA. It comes with free shipping & handling, a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. The four infra red bulbs are designed to last a minimum of 20000 hours. The unit is safe for pets, children and furniture.

I was amazed at how quiet this unit is. It was hard to tell it was even on. Jim found out about this device from his neighbor in the park who also has one. It is expensive but Jim runs it on 30 amp service without having to unplug anything. Using an online power conversion utility, we see the 1500W rating means the unit should draw about 12.5 amps, a little less than one of our motorhome’s roof mounted heat pumps, so not too bad at all.

I did some research online today and can’t for the life of me understand why there is a price difference of $150 between the price the unit sells for in the USA and in Canada. I’ve sent an email to the company asking for an explanation and to further clarify the availability of the unit and expected delivery times on either side of the border.

We won’t be heading south this year until the beginning of November and we’ll most definitely be seeing cooler temps by the time October rolls around. This unit may be just the solution we need to keeping Phaeton Place toasty warm without the added noise of either of either the propane furnaces or heat pumps. I’m sure that over time users would recover part of the high cost just in propane savings alone.

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