Transformers 3 Dark Side of the Moon


Chris & I drove into Cineplex at South Common to take in this movie this afternoon.  We’ve never been to this cinema before and weren’t sure just how busy it would be on a holiday weekend, so I went online and bought our tickets through the Cineplex website before hand.  Once I had paid for two tickets online, it was simply a matter of printing out the tickets on our printer and presenting them to the ticket taker in the lobby.  No need to stand in line for tickets at all!  We arrived about 30 minutes before our 12:30 pm showing to an almost empty parking lot.  The two tickets cost us $25.00 and I almost died when a large popcorn and two drinks totaled $20.00!  In Ontario, we usually go to the movies on Cheap Skate Tuesdays for $20 which includes popcorn and drinks but it doesn’t appear that Alberta has cheap movie days.  Matt & Sarah probably do the best thing by buying discount ticket packages at Costco.  Certainly much cheaper than the way we chose to do it.

In any event, the movie was excellent and it tied in nicely with Transformers 2 which, coincidentally, we just saw on satellite yesterday.  Without giving too much of the plot away, suffice it to say the Decepticons are back in full force.  The movie starts by reliving the Moon Landing back in the 60s and how an alien space ship had actually crashed on the moon before Neil Armstrong and company actually set foot on the moon.  They even show the astronauts exploring the alien ship once off camera.  The astronauts bring some artifacts from the alien ship back to earth.  Fast forward to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 which just may have been caused by Decepticons hiding on earth.  Optimus Prime is back as leader of the autobots and Leonard Nimoy voices the role of Sentinel Prime, a newly introduced senior Prime from their home world of Cybertron.  The usual cast goes about taking back planet Earth from the Decepticons much to the chagrin of Grey’s Anatomy’s, Patrick Dempsey, who does a pretty good job of donning the black hat of the bad guy.  Shia LaBoeuf has a new main squeeze and his parents are back in a beautiful Prevost motorhome which ties in nicely with our RV lifestyle……., thank you very much! :)

This is the last Transformers movie and definitely worth a look if you like special effects.  3D feature is available for extra bucks upon request.