WordPress Hiccups

Curious Ostrich

I’ve had a few problems uploading images or galleries to any WordPress post for the last few days and have spent more than a few hours chasing down the reason. The only way I could get an image into a post was to cut and paste an embeddable html  link from one of my Smugmug galleries.  Anyway, after a little detective work it turns out that one of the WordPress plugins, Word Twit, is causing the Upload/Insert media feature to malfunction.  My thanks to Brian at Photocrati, the maker of my theme, for his able assistance in tracking it down.  The way we found out which plugin was causing the problems was to deactivate all the plugins and then to reactivate and test each plugin one at a time by trying to insert an image into a draft post.  If the image inserted properly, that plugin was alright and I moved down to activate the next plugin on the list.  Word Twit was the second last plugin on the plugin list and the present version just does not work with WordPress 3.2.1.  Apparently there is an update in the works though.  At least I now know where the problem was.

Teddy enjoying Chicken Foot

We did some doggie stuff shopping yesterday in south Edmonton.  G&E Pharmacy on 82 Ave was our first stop where Chris picked up a cage, cushion and an assortment of toys.  Teddy is already used to staying in a cage at the breeder’s home so this shouldn’t be much of a stretch for him.  Today was our last visit to see Teddy before we get to bring him home with us on Monday morning.  I can see that I am going to have to hone my photographic skills a bit more before I can get a decent portrait shot of him.  He just never stands still for more than a second or two which makes it hard to focus on the little guy.  This is the best of today’s shots and shows Teddy munching on a chicken foot (claw).  Apparently they are great for teething puppies and readily available at SuperStore, Walmart, etc.  It was very entertaining to watch the nine puppies wrestling each other over only four chicken feet.

Salton Sea Panorama

I’ve added a couple of extra images today just to see whether they import into this post and then upload to the server.  Any of these images can be magnified simply by clicking on the image.  The panorama is the widest shot I have uploaded so far and stretches across my laptop’s screen when magnified.