Cleaning House

Well the house cleaning is definitely in full swing here in Lake Echo. We’ve been very busy packing things for a future garage sale, various thrift shops and recycling as well. Today is garbage day and collection for non compostable waste is every other week here, so you can imagine there is a fair amount of “stuff” at the curb for this morning. The neighbors have also let us use their 6 bag allotment for today for which we are very grateful.

Yesterday, I took a load of old electronics to recycling in Dartmouth. They took most of it but were reluctant to take anything with electrical cords on it. It took a little convincing on my part to show the fellow that the cords were all part of the old monitors and could not be unplugged like on new monitors. I brought back the old Filter Queen vacuum with all the attachments and put it at the curb last night. This morning it was gone, so obviously someone thought it could be salvaged. Either that or the raccoons are setting up quite a home of their own in the woods nearby.

A local realtor has been in to view the property and feels it should sell quite easily once a few needed repairs are completed. We have a large basement window to replace and some upstairs flooring could use some updating as well. A young couple who are very interested in some lake front property dropped by last night to have a look at everything and are really interested in a private sale but have to sell their home first. The house sits on a just under an acre of level lake front property with 160 ft of lake access. There is a path to the lake and a dock giving ready access to chest deep water with no weeds.

We popped into Canadian Tire the other day and bought a double high inflatable queen size bed on sale for $70, so we are quite comfortable in front of the big screen TV in the family room at night. Brian’s sister, Wendy, arrived from Moncton with her husky/malamute dog, Jed, yesterday afternoon. Jed & Ted have been rough housing almost non stop since they arrived so neither had any trouble sleeping last night. Teddy loves the water and was paddling around the dock to his heart’s content yesterday afternoon just to cool off. Both dogs provided lots of entertainment for us by the fire last night.

So today we are back at it. The Vue is already loaded for another trip to Value village later this morning. Anyone interested in a house on some prime Lake Echo property should definitely pop by for a look.


  1. michael ultra August 18, 2011 at 6:22 am #

    Wow, I have a lake front for sale, too. I am wishing you luck and hope to sell the place soon! (me too!)

  2. Jilanna August 18, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    Glad to hear Mum arrived safe and sound and that things continue to go well. VERY glad Jed and Ted are having fun, too.

    The raccoons are lucky to have the old Electrolux. Especially if it still had the box / ottoman they used to keep it in. Perfect for nesting. :)