Datastorm Back Online

So we left Leduc, Alberta on July 20th after spending 6 weeks visiting Matt & Sarah and headed east to Ontario.  We tried our satellite internet several times on the way east but could not get it to lock onto transponder 99W.  The bird on a wire for our satellite TV worked fine though which was unusual because the TV reception is based upon the dish being able to lock onto 99W, so how could we have TV and no internet?  We didn’t worry about it too much on the way across Canada but I’ve been looking into the whys and wherefores since getting set up on the farm.  Countless phone calls to Galaxy Broadband (my ISP), Motosat, Techmobile (who installed the dish) and posting questions on the Datastorm user forum.  Thankfully, my iPhone data plan allows me to tether my laptop to my iPhone so I haven’t been totally out of touch.  I’ve repointed, recommissioned, reregistered the dish countless times over the last five days and finally shut it off the other night before turning in around midnight.  The Motosat D4 controller was telling me the dish was pointed properly but for some reason not locked on to the satellite and without a lock my Hughes modem couldn’t do its thing and connect to the internet.  Yesterday morning I shut the power off to the entire system for about 30 seconds for about the 4th or 5th time in the last 5 days.  I wasn’t expecting anything different when I powered it up again, but amazingly enough, the darn thing lit up like a Christmas tree and my satellite internet is back online.  Haven’t got a clue as to why but the important thing is we are back in business.  Certainly very odd and definitely one of those technology things that make you go…..Hmmmmmm!

Teddy continues to do well at the farm.  He enjoys being able to romp around outside without his collar and leash and is pretty good at coming back when I call him, especially if there is a toy or treat waiting for him.  He slept until about 5:30 am this morning.  There was a heavy dew on the grass this morning so you can imagine the state he was in when he got back to the motorhome after doing his business.  Of course after his pit stop outside he was ready to play while I was still in need of a few more minutes of shuteye.  Well, guess who won!  Anyway, the sun is out after a cloudy day yesterday so we are off into town to do a little visiting before heading over to Hanover later today.

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  1. Sandybee August 6, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Thank you for recommending the Gas Buddy app. That has really come in handy as my husband and I have been traveling in Northern California where the diesel gas stations can be a bit tricky to locate. Gas Buddy to the rescue! Not only that, the prices the give are fairly accurate…or at least as accurate as they can be when the price changes every day. Thanks again. Your photos are marvelous. I haven’t downloaded HDR+ yet, but that’s next.