Eastern Passage

We’ve had a very busy week sorting through the house and all Brian’s possessions. His girlfriend, Sarah managed to find a nice townhouse in a very short period of time and had movers in to help her move most of the larger items to the new place. There is still a ton of stuff to either sell or give away though. Dan & Joy have done lots of work inside stripping and painting walls and window trim in bedrooms and bathrooms. Sarah and her parents are moving out the rest of her things this weekend. Chris and I are taking the weekend off and spending it in Kingston visiting her parents. Things are very slowly coming together.

We took Teddy to a veterinarian in Eastern Passage on Thursday. Chris’s sister is a breeder and recommended her vet as a good stop for Teddy’s latest shots. We were very pleased with the treatment received. After the visit to the vet we decided to do a little tour of the waterfront in Eastern Passage. There is a wonderful broad walk that runs around McCormack Beach so we took Teddy for a walk around the beach area. He loved that and was a little puzzled by the seagulls at first but soon paid them no mind at all.

We wandered about the old fishing village too and I managed to take some nice shots with my iPhone. Some of the old fisherman shacks have been transformed into shops, cafes and galleries. We had a good look around and noticed some shacks were vacant but it was still a nice stop and a much needed change of scenery from the turmoil of sorting out Brian’s estate.

Chris’s sister, Debbie & her husband Joe, had us over for supper on Thursday night to their home in Eastern Passage. We enjoyed a lovely dinner of pork tenderloin, spatzle and salad. Our evening entertainment consisted of watching the antics nine very cute Shih Tzu puppies. They were only five weeks old and Teddy thoroughly enjoyed their company.

We’ll head back to the house on Monday morning and get back to work at what should be another very busy week.